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LaTocha Scott and Chante Moore

  • Treated Like Her

    1 - [LaTocha] Ooh ladi do, da-do Ooh ladi do, da-do yeah Ooh ladi do, da-do I wanna be, wanna be Treated like her Ooh ladi do, da-do Ooh ladi do, da-do yeah Ooh ladi do, da-do I wanna be, wanna be Treated like her [LaTocha] She k...

LaToiya Williams

  • Fallen Star

    I never said that you had to offer the world to me I didnt think that you could, no I cant recall asking you to promise these things to me I didnt think that you should, no No one could ever persuade me from comin around too lon...

Latraverse Plume

  • Agression Culturelle

    a faisait dj un bon boutte Que j`avais pas gagn une croutte Que j`avais pas eu faim pour vrai Pis qu` l`hiver tait pas trop frais force de frapper des rcifs Je suis devenu agressif Forcer la porte d`un dpanneur Qui ce dfendait av...


  • Elsa Green

    When I touch your face I never know who I`m looking at Please me and hold yourself down...

Ruben Studdard

  • Can I Get Your Attention (featuring Pret

    (feat. Pretty Tony) Kelly give me the ball girl [echo] You are my girl now, light skinned with the pretty toes now, and if you got a csrub now let him go now, life is too short to settle now, c`mon now, in the club now, hold up ...

Harry Potter

  • Do The Hippogriff

    Move your body like a hairy troll
    Learn` to rock and roll

    Spin around like a crazy elf
    dancin` by himself

    Boogie down like a unicorn
    Don`t stop till the break of dawn

    Put your hands ...

Va-Cedarmont Kids Christmas St

  • Jesus Loves Me

    Cedarmont kids: Jesus Loves me

    Jesus Loves me! This I know
    For the Bible tells me so
    Little ones to Him belongs
    They are weak, but He is strong

    Yes, Jesus loves me!
    Yes, Jesus loves me!

Rubenstein John

  • With You

    My days are brighter than morning air Evergreen pine and autumn blue But all my days were twice as fair If I could share my days with you My nights are warmer than fire coal Incense and stars and smoke bamboo But nights were warm ...


  • Baby I Know

    You called me to tell me goodbye I told you that I was some other guy You said that you`d phone when he got home You told me to tell him that you`d called Now you don`t have to tell me goodbye You don`t have to hear me cry You don...

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