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  • All these things that I`ve done

    When there`s nowhere else to run Is there room for one more son One more son If you can hold on If you can hold on, hold on I wanna stand up, I wanna let go You know, you know - no you don`t, you don`t I wanna shine on in the hearts of men I want a m...


  • Good Time Fanny

    Sexual sacrifice we`re ready to go too far Way past paradise. Well take a look at yourself And then rock and roll with Fanny. Shoop shoop. Good time Fanny good time Fanny. Shoop shoop.

The Killing Tree

  • Cacophony (The Death Of Affection)

    lie with those sweet words that fall from your lips stare so cold and calulating worht the risk escape from this life of expectations to finally die free the virus grows inside my head here it makes me speak in screams and whispe...


  • Бирюзовы золоты колечки

    Пой, играй гитара семиструнная
    Да разгони тоску мою печаль
    Прощай жизнь моя цыганская
    Ай, нечего теперь не жаль.

    Прощайте пляски пляски огневые
    Прощай мой табор конь мой вороной
    Моя родина кибитки да по...

violent femmes

  • 12 Steps

    I think I`m powerless over this. Only a power greater than me could store my synergy. I took my will into no will but thy will. Made a moral inventory of my moral story. One step, two step, three step, four.


  • Book Of Hours

    Watching the world through the eyes of a child Leaving the past behind me Curiously peeping behind each door Already longing for tomorrow There`s no need to fear as long as you`re here It`s not always easy, not always plain You c...

The King And I

  • A Puzzlement

    KING When I was a boy World was better spot. What was so was so, What was not was not. Now I am a man; World have changed a lot. Some things nearly so, Others nearly not.

The Kingsmen

  • Jolly Green Giant

    In duh valley of duh jolly... (Ho - ho - ho) Heard about the Jolly Green Giant (potatoes) He`s so big and mean (artichoke hearts) He stands there laughin` with his hands on his hips And then he hits you with a can of beans He li...


  • 5 Year Reunion

    Another youthful plan gets dragged ashore. One more angel fails her pregnancy test. Diploma dangles amid grade school photos. Yearbook autographs are my only connection. The disappearing ink signatures are like fossils now.

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