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butthole surfers

  • 22 Going On 23

    Woman: I enjoy your show and I`ve been trying to get through for quite a while. Man: Well, We`re glad you kept trying Woman: Umm. I have this problem.

The Dramatics

  • Whatcha See Is Whatcha Get

    Some people are made of plastic And you know some people are made of wood Some people have hearts of stone Some people are up to no good But baby I`m for real I`m as real as real can get If what you`re looking for is real lo...

The Drifters

  • On Broadway

    They say the neon lights are bright on Broadway (on Broadway) They say there`s always magic in the air (on Broadway) But when you`re walkin` down that street And you ain`t had enough to eat The glitter rubs right off and you`re no...

Nu Shooz

  • I Can`t Wait

    Baby I can`t wait - My love tell me what it`s all about You got something that I can`t live without.

Nuclear Assault

  • After The Holocaust

    Fires burning cities down
    Your whole world`s destroyed
    Mutants crawl out from the ruins
    To put you to the sword
    Poisoned air in darkened skies
    flows across the land
    Fear and pain they breed despair
    A new...


  • Давай друг друга украдем

    Давай друг друга украдём И никому о том не скажем И не обмолвимся тайком О самой грешной в мире краже Разбогател за ночь одну Не будем ведать мы в объятьях Что жизнь за дверью ждёт к утру Как неизбежное заклятье Давай друг друга украдём Забыв дожди, ...

Hot Boys F TQ

  • Gangsta Nigga

    [Lil Wayne] Holla at me nigga you know it be Weezy The Don I murder easy but hard to kill like Steven Segal Its paper, pussy, and pistols – pass love to the pimp I`m clutching a M busting that tip for fucking with him I`m stuck with the hustle, smuggli...


  • Aquel Que Habia Muerto

    A pasado el tiempo y an cambiado muchas cosas An surgido nuevos cantantes y nuevas modas Pero el mundo sigue teniendo la misma escena Alegrias pero tambien tristezas Amor pero tambien odio y este que te habla ha caminado por sombras De valle de muerte ...

The Drive

  • F.Y.B.

    She looks in the mirror, and the seas are swell. A loser nation makes her starve herself. The house is on fire, she threw dishes in the street. Her body is a prison, standing on two feet.

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