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The Chiodos Bros.

  • Bulls Have Horns

    Last night your taste was beautiful but my tongue doesn`t know the truth cause when it`s drown in poison chemicals I see the better side of you our promise was that we would save ourselves before our minds lost all control but the...

David Kersh

  • Another You

    Yesterday morning, just before noon I passed a girl wearin your old perfume And I stopped and stared I could almost see you standing there Don`t get me wrong, I`m almost over you But now and then I like to go walkin through Some ...


  • nigeria

    banned Nigeria Easy Bongos: A/B/|A/// Guitar: ////| Lyrix: I am anigger i play nigger music niggy niggy niggy Cheers! If u want n e more banned stuff I will post it soon Au Revoir This is the sound of the suburbs ?!?


Anni Frid Lyngstad

  • Baby Don`t You Cry No More

    Baby don`t you cry no more, no more
    Baby don`t you cry no more
    I`ve been a lot of trouble
    But I won`t no more
    Baby don`t you cry, no baby don`t you cry no more

    I`m listening to that midnight whistle blow

Carly Simon

  • (We Have) NO SECRETS

    (Carly Simon) We have no secrets We tell each other everything About the lovers in the past And why they didn`t last We share a cast of characters from A to Z We know each others fantasies And though we know each other better whe...

Sonny And Cher

  • All I Ever Need Is You

    Sometimes when I`m down and all alone just like a child without a home the love you give me keeps me hangin` on awww honey, all I ever need is you You`re my first love you`re my last you`re my future, you`re my past and lov...

Tracy Bonham

  • 18 Heads Roll By

    Tell me I`m the only one You would never Feeling such a losing game You would never Everything that matters Only one that matters Heaven help the one you love You would never Feeling such a losing game You would never Everything ...

Venke Knutson

  • A Lot Of Love

    I`ve known a lot of love
    Known a lot of pain
    funny how they feel the same
    I`ve never, never, never known what`s right or wrong
    Somehow both will make you strong

    No need to put me down before you go
    No n...


  • Ain`t Nobody

    Captured effortlessly That`s the way it was Happened so naturally I did not know it was love The next thing I felt was You holding me close What was I gonna do? I let myself go And now we`re flyin` through the star I hope this ni...

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