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Stevie Wonder

  • A Place In The Sun

    Like a long lonely stream I keep runnin` towardas a dream Movin` on, movin` on Like a branch on a tree I keep reachin` to be free Movin` on, movin` on.


  • (I know) I`m losing you

    Your love is fading, I can feel your love fading.
    Girl, it`s fading away from me.

    `Cause your touch, your touch has grown cold.
    As if someone else controls your very soul.
    I`ve fooled myself long as I can...


  • Bad Girl

    What cha`ll know about a supermodel

    Fresh outta Elle magazine

    Buy her own bottles

    Look pimp juice, I need me one

    Bad than a mutha

    I hear you sayin`

    I need a bad girl <...

Vanessa Paradis

  • Amour Jamais

    Amour Jamais Si cel nest pas pour de vrai Toujour Oui mais Cest trop facile lheure quil est Jte connais peine Et dj tu me fais de la peine Cest un peu trop t&ocirc;t Mieux revenir zro Amour Qui sait Combien cet ...


  • A Fragile Heart

    A fragile heart, was broken before I don`t think it could endure Another pain But there`s a voice from deep inside Of you That`s calling out to make you realise That this new bond gives inspiration To all who feel no love a...


  • 1000 Umbrellas

    One thousand umbrellas
    Upturned couldn`t catch all the rain
    That drained out of my head
    When you said we were
    Over and over I cried
    `Til I floated downstream
    To a town they call
    Misery oh oh misery


  • A Venture

    (Anderson) Once a peaceful man laid his old head down by a river, Thought about his childhood life, his father and forgiver, Couldn`t hide away, hide away.

Zita Swoon

  • Fun For Free

    Maybe I misunderstood
    A part of your story
    But I believe you`re no good
    I`d say you`re even quite boring

    Altough I pay you no mind
    I can`t stand you much longer
    Still it`s giving me time
    And it`s ...


  • 42 минуты

    С утра в метро спускаюсь я- Там протекает жизнь подземная моя. Вперёд лицом- назад спиной Я еду девять остановок по прямой. Два раза в день за годом- год Спускаюсь я в подземный ход. Припев: Ежедневно 42 минуты под землей Сюда-туда, туда-сюда.

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