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  • Tang & O.J.

    Woke up early in the mornin` Threw on a `fit, grabbed my Motorola phone And warmed up the engine to my ghetto ass hood hog And put the leash on my brand new pit bull dog Hit the switch for the deck and the Z-A-P And let the 600 Watt Zeus funk with the ...

Royal Flush f Khadejia

  • Can`t Help It

    [Royal Flush] All my life, they said I`m trife, street rebel wit Nikes And catch an appetite off other niggas grabbin a mic I write, deeper shit that Malcolm X could recite Wit this rap device, rhymes so strong, you get sliced Three dimension nice, sta...

Анатолий Лемыш

  • Андреевский спуск

    Анатолий Лемыш

    Ну кто меня сглазил, и зельем каким привораживал?

    Каким колдуном я настроен на этот искус?

    Но где бы я ни был, какими путями ни хаживал,-

    Приводят ...

koos kombuis

  • johnny is nie dood nie

    Artist: Koos Kombuis Song: Johnny Is Nie Dood Nie Tabbed by E Beneke This is correct, it`s from the book. These can also be played as barre chords.

Андрей Леонкин

Hausen and Lukas

  • Meine Eltern

    Mein Alter war dauernd besoffen und stark wie`n Puma im Zoo dann hat er meine Mutter getroffen und trotzdem - sie liebte ihn so.

Ja Rule f Missy Elliott, Tweet

  • Pain is Love

    * originally called Ex on Violator the Album V2.0 [Ja Rule] C`mon, let`s get Pop in love I know you pop-u-lar Admitted the club But I just wanna toss you up Before I Swallow you whole I need to wash it down Tell your girls Avion indulge you to hang ou...

RZA f Beretta Nine

  • Can`t Lose

    [man singing continuously] can`t lose... [RZA] What, What Four Shellies What, What, What Four shellies rip through his belly Blast him right outside of Mike`s deli Dip to the tele Call my bird up on the celle Bobby what Bobby lust I walk strange And ...

E-40 f C-Bo, Jayo Felony

  • Charlie Hustle: BluePrint of a Self-Made

    [Jayo Felony] Forty-WADAHHHHHHHHH! Ehhh.. (ehh..) YEA! We do this for life ya dumb fucks, y`all niggaz is dumptrucks The type to bitch up, and getcha eyebrows plucked Mark my words loco gon` have it like Motown`s heyday So dope they name us all twice ...

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