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Spice 1 f Spook Thee Man

  • Too Deep In The Game

    (Spice 1) Livin` in a world, hard and cold, niggas be dumpin` on they foes Catchin` cases, high speed chases, forty G`s for two ki loads Give me evr`thing (evr`thing!!), cause I ain`t all what it seems Seen too much motherfuckin` gangsta shit done soak...

Taylor R. Dean

  • Indiana Wants Me

    {police sirens} Mmm mm-mmmm-mm Mmm mm-mmmm-mm Indiana wants me Lord, I can`t go back there Indiana wants me Lord, I can`t go back there I wish I had you to talk to If a man ever needed dyin`, he did No one had the right to say wha...

Елена Фролова, Марина Гершенович

  • Верба

    Стихи Марины Гершенович

    Музыка Елены Фроловой

    Ветер ли бережно вербу мою

    клонит к воде или ветви так зелены?

    Долу склонюсь, потому что - люблю.

    Вытянусь ввысь, по...

Игорь Глотов

Rolling Stones

  • (I Can`t Get No) Satisfaction

    I can`t get no satisfaction,
    I can`t get no satisfaction.
    `Cause I try and I try and I try and I try.
    I can`t get no, I can`t get no.

    When I`m drivin` in my car
    and that man comes on the radio
    and he`s ...


  • Free Winds

    ...and as the heavens gape aloft into the stormy waves of corn I drown Free Wind, carry me towards the distant sky Where sun sets down behind the veil of clouds And still unbroken I will cast my final look Upon this land, that on...

Baby Blue Soundcrew f Choclair, Mr. Mims

  • Love `Em All

    (Intro) Love `em all Haha gotta be one of them Baby Blue joints Turn it up a notch Let me see them speakers rock Choclair featuring Mr.

Taylor Roger

  • Abandon Fire

    join our army, join our band join our army and be a real man abandon hope who enter here land of hopelessness and fear a band of gypsies a band of gold won`t save your hide won`t save your soul caught like a fly on the face of the...

Bush Babees f De La Soul, Mos Def

  • Gravity

    (Lee Majors) This is....a Bush Babee... Exclusive ya`ll. De La, Bush Babees, yeah, yeah, check it! (Mos Def) Comin` wit it, comin` wit it, comin`, comin`, comin`, comin` `wit it. I been all around the world and back again.

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