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George Moustaki

  • Ich Bin Ein Fremder

    Ich bin ein Fremder den man haßt - und dessen Schnauze dem nicht paßt der darin sieht was er nicht fand. Ich häng` am Leben nicht am Geld als ein von jedem Wind der Welt zerzauster Hirt aus Griechenland.

Master P f E-A-Ski

  • Mama`s Bad Boy

    [EA-Ski] Its kinda funny niggaz running up trying to show me much love cause a motherfucker just dropped an album now they wanna kiss ass but hold up bitch all your getting is a luck pass trying to gank me for my ducket I tried to put you down with the...

George Smith

  • A Better Place

    I`d like to tell you a story come sit with me here by the sea I cant promise it wont be a long one but I need you here to listen to me I cant make sense of all that I`m feeling & I dont expect you to understand but when you`re fee...

B-Legit f Harm

  • Rollin` Wit Hustlers

    Never mess with those bustas Only role with those hustlers Never mess with no bustas B-Legit: Addyup(?) cuz` they done fucked Wit a nigga tryin` to get a buck I leave `em stuck posted up at a stand still Beat the case off of Dan Vill (?) Now I...

George Strait

  • 4 Minus 3 Equals Zero

    You always said you loved me And I always believed yu did But now you say youre leaving And takeing both of the kids Chorus: 4 minus 3 equals zero Your leaving just dont add up Its all over for me if you go Cause Ill be ...

Murphy Lee f Jermaine Dupri

  • Wat Da Hook Gon Be

    [Intro: Murphy Lee] Hahaha, yo, yo, yo, yo You never met a nigga like me Yo yo, have you ever seen a little dude Who be doing what I do? Uh huh, yo whoo! Let`s get at it dog, whoo! [Verse: Murphy Lee] Now what goes up, must come down (shiiett) But we ...

nino bravo

  • un beso y una flor

    ********************* * Nino Bravo * * Un beso y una flor* ********************* A E Fm E A E Fm (E A) E A Dejar, mi tierra por ti E Fm dejar, mis campos y me ir, lejos de aqui.

Mack 10 f Foxy Brown, Jermaine Dupri

  • The Recipe

    [JD talking] (Foxy Brown) (Uh.) Did y`all expect us? (No no.) Bitches, can y`all get naked? (That`s right!) [JD] Uh, y`all know me, and the dough I see Fa so la ti, it`s chi chi Ladies wanna hold me, get to know me Talks to each it, wanna sleep with i...

Mic Geronimo f Puff Daddy

  • Nothin` Move But The Money

    [Puffy] aha aha yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah Keep it movin` come on and keep it movin` [X4] Verse 1: [Mic] Tint that shine, full us to the teeth ask yourself can you ball like me it`s nothin that an amature can try to see even hoes with ...

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