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Baby D f Pastor Troy and The Congregatio

  • Back Up!

    Hook: (BACK UP!) 14x in background If we be ackin up, You best be backin up (repeat 6x) Verse 1: (Pastor Troy) If I`m ackin up, you better cut of the game I ain`t got to say nothing, just have to tell them my name I`m the flame, I got mo` flame the...

Brand Nubian f Loon (Harlem World)

  • Back Up Off the Wall

    No, Flagro Uh, what!! Yeah, Brand Nu` comin` through Long Island, Harlem World, all out, all out Let`s talk abou tit What, yeah, now put ya hands up Uh, what, now put ya hands up Put ya hands up Now get ya back up off the wall [Sadat X] I`m better fee...

Alf (tommy Pieper)

  • Hallo Alf

    Hallo Alf hier ist Rhonda deine zärtliche Rhonda sag` wann seh` ich dich wieder ich sehne mich nach dir. Ich sage euch es war wie ein Sturz in die himmelblaue Unendlichkeit.

Barry Manilow

  • (I`ll Be With You) In Apple Blossom Time

    I`ll be with you in apple blossom time I`ll be with you to change your name to mine one day in May I`ll come and say happy the bride the sunshine`s on today what a wonderful wedding day there will be what a wonderful day for ...


  • Akeldama

    Redemption our damnation
    Emphasise our suffering
    He strived to convert
    Betray his own morality
    Rapture in his damnation

    Judas you die
    Judas should die
    Judas will die


Spandau Ballett

  • True

    I`m enlisting, overseas aid
    need assisting, help with a maid
    get the expert, on mademoiselles
    he could diffuse, any bombshell
    If I could only be tough like him
    then I could win
    my own, small, battle of the sex...


  • Hero Zero

    My Hero, Zero You`re such a funny little Hero But until you came along, we counted on our fingers and toes! Now you`re here to stay, but nobody really knows How wonderful you are, Why, you could never reach a star Without you, Zer...

Alfie Khan

  • She`s Comin` Back

    I just got a letter oh that I`ve been wishin` and waitin` for just a little letter ah but it`s the key to a magic door gee I`m really diggin` what goes now how the crazy universe glows now. Liste - listen. She`s comin` back.

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