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Jay-Z f Beanie Sigel, Memphis Bleek

  • Change the Game

    [Jay-Z] Uhh, uhh, uhh, let`s go Uhh, bounce, uhh, bounce Uhh, bounce, uhh.. Shit relax your mind, let your conscience be free You`re now rollin with them thugs from the R-O-C Sigel Sigel in the house [Beanie Sigel] Uh-huh, sick bastard Get your wig pu...

Porcupine Tree

  • Buying New Soul

    Dried up, a guitar upon my knee
    I should have sold out when the devil came for me
    Dig a hole and throw it out to sea
    Break the code, how happy I could be

    I still wave at the dots on the shore
    And I still beat...

Chad Kroeger

  • Hero

    ft. J.Scott

    I am so high
    I can hear heaven
    I am so high
    I can hear heaven
    No heaven, no heaven don`t hear me

    And they say that a hero can save us
    I`m not gonna stand here and wait

Franзoise Hardy

  • Chиre Amie

    Je pense а vous souvent
    Je continue quand mкme
    D`aimer les bateaux blancs
    Que le dйsir entraоne
    Je manque de vous souvent
    Mais je m`en vais quand mкme
    Laisser voler le vent
    Qui souffle sur la peine

Hank Williams

  • (i Heard That) Lonesome Whistle

    I was ridin` Number Nine, Headin` south from Caroline. I heard that lonesome whistle blow. Got in trouble, had to roam, Left my gal an` left my home. I heard that lonesome whistle blow.

Kool Keith f Nancy Des Rose

  • Take it Off

    [Kool Keith] New Nancy Des Rose [Nancy Rose] Keith you gon` hold this track down for me? I`m goin upstairs to change, I gotta get on stage Aight? I`ll be back later [Kool Keith] My commodes are larger I call rappers to look at the feces 800 pounds, m...

Billy Gunn

  • Im An Ass Man

    I`m an ass man Yeah i`m an ass man Yeah I love to love `em - I love to kick `em I love to shove `em - I love to stick `em Love to flood `em - I love to watch `em I love to pick `em - And i`m gonna kick em Cause I`m an assman - ...

Billy Hayes and Jay Johnson

  • Blue Christmas

    I`ll have a blue Christmas without you I`ll be so blue just thinking about you Decorations of red on a green Christmas tree Won`t mean a thing if you`re not here with me And when the blue snowflakes start falling That`s when thos...

Billy Nicholls

  • This Song Is Green

    Of this man I must sing a song or turn to dust, `cos I know eventually, he will sing to me, whispering through the leaves, whispering songs of silent bliss.

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