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Florian Eyring

  • Schwulsein

    Du musst so schwul sein auf dieser welt, so schwul sein, erst dann bist du der, der mir gefällt.



  • Bang Bang

    she woke me up with a bang, bang
    looking over cross eyed had a big
    hunch that the world was a big lie
    when I got up all the blood to my head
    I got so dizzy fell back to my bed
    I went over to the way side


  • Rhythm Of The Rain

    We`ve never been through this before Ref. I can`t stand the Rhythm of the Rain Yes they are driving me insane Cause when I think of you I feel just pain And I think of you when I hear the Rhythm of the Rain Meine Gedanke...

Missy `Misdemeanor` Elliott f 50 Cent

  • Work It (Remix)

    {*scratching*} DJ please, pick up your phone I`m on the request line {*scratching*} [50 Cent] G U-nit! [Missy] This is a Missy Elliot one time exclusive (Come on) [Chorus] Is it worth it, let me work it I put my thing down, flip it and reverse it ...

Константин Никольский

  • А когда перестанет звонить по ночам теле

    ...А когда перестанет звонить по ночам телефон, и весною не ждешь от судьбы перемен небывалых, и на улице прячешь лицо от старинных знакомых, оттого, что в толпе ли, по одиночке ли, так и лезут в глаза исключительные уроды, и наслушаешься белиберды до ...


  • All The Fools Sailed Away

    There`s perfect harmony In the rising and the falling of the sea And as we sail along I never fail to be astounded by The things we`ll do for promises And a song We are the innocent We are the damned We were caught in the middle ...

Gathering, The

  • A Passage To Desire

    I feel like I am hurt
    Can`t you see
    I try to express
    But I act like you`re a stranger to me
    I want to share, but don`t know how
    My eyes can`t speak
    And my mouth won`t write it down

    And there`s so ...

Pet Shop Boys

  • A Different Point Of View

    When I`m sitting so close to you There`s only one thing that I wanna do But I know what you`re likely to say That I`m going about it the wrong way We can`t agree about anything Where to go or even where we`ve been And I know what ...


  • Bodies Still Drop

    featuring Aftamath, Point Blank


    Back in `87 started slanging in the hood

    Sworn to the clique, now I`m in it for good

    Me and Dope, brothas hustling all...

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