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Silkk the Shocker f Master P, Petey Pabl

  • We Like Them Girls (Remix)

    [Silkk the Shocker] Ya boy Shocker in the building Heads Remain Anonymous He Ain`t Gotta Be Obvious Ladies, if y`all thirsty, drinks on me and you fake ballers, you know what to do (Master P In Background) Girls, We Like Dem Girls We Gotta Have Them Gi...

thompson richard

  • Backlash Love Affair

    An iron maiden stole my heart away-o black day Her siren songs seemed to call to me-o destiny She spat her thrash metal lyrics right into my mind The stage thundered and the Smoke bombs made me blind She sang, Hello, Liebchen, wol...

Mark Owen

  • Alone without you

    I listen to your album, and I watched your favorite film, hee hee hee I missed you today. I let those early letters I fullfilled with early dreams. Some of them materialised, others never seen. We used to watch the world walkin` by.....

Nas and The Firm f Supreme NTM (Kool She

  • Affirmative Action (International Remix)

    * translation of NTM`s verses follows at the end of these lyrics [Nas] Yeah, Affirmative action, with my crew, NTM This is Nas Escobar [Kool Shen] International remix Check the lyrics [NTM] Chacun sa Mafia ,Chacun sa mille-fa Mmh, baby, come wicked n...

Paul McCartney

  • 3 Legs

    Well when I walk, when I walk On my horse upon the hill (when I walk the horse upon a hill) Well when I walk, walk walk walk On my horse upon the hill (when I walk the horse upon a hill) And I lay me down Will my lover love m...

Real 2 Reel

  • Can You Feel It

    Can you feel it Baby (16x) This is mad stuntman pon your case Wicked everytime right (laugh) So all rude boys and rude girls Feel the rhythm and feel the vibe here me now Watch the D.J.


  • Girl Trouble

    It was this girl I met long time ago Well I was dressed to impress on my way to a show I had my Balley`s clean, my pants were creased Like Mastercard, I couldn`t leave my house without my piece Put on my coat, started high-stepping down the block All s...


  • cabrobro

    Band: Tianastбcia Music: Cabrobrу Album: Tб na boa_ Author: Marcelo Diesel E-Mail: Obs: A mъsica comeзa na faixa 2 do cd ~~~~=2x Intro: (Nessa parte a bateria fica sу na caixa) E--------7-----------7-5-------|------------...

MC Lyte

  • 10% Dis

    (11 seconds of audio collage at the intro) *MC Lyte`s voice gradually fades in* Hot damn, hot damn, hot damn, hot damn Hot damn! Hot damn hoe, here we go again Suckers steal a beat, when you know they can`t win You stole the beat, are you havin fun?...

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