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  • Bang Bang

    she woke me up with a bang, bang
    looking over cross eyed had a big
    hunch that the world was a big lie
    when I got up all the blood to my head
    I got so dizzy fell back to my bed
    I went over to the way side


  • Rhythm Of The Rain

    We`ve never been through this before Ref. I can`t stand the Rhythm of the Rain Yes they are driving me insane Cause when I think of you I feel just pain And I think of you when I hear the Rhythm of the Rain Meine Gedanke...

Missy `Misdemeanor` Elliott f 50 Cent

  • Work It (Remix)

    {*scratching*} DJ please, pick up your phone I`m on the request line {*scratching*} [50 Cent] G U-nit! [Missy] This is a Missy Elliot one time exclusive (Come on) [Chorus] Is it worth it, let me work it I put my thing down, flip it and reverse it ...

Константин Никольский

  • А когда перестанет звонить по ночам теле

    ...А когда перестанет звонить по ночам телефон, и весною не ждешь от судьбы перемен небывалых, и на улице прячешь лицо от старинных знакомых, оттого, что в толпе ли, по одиночке ли, так и лезут в глаза исключительные уроды, и наслушаешься белиберды до ...


  • All The Fools Sailed Away

    There`s perfect harmony In the rising and the falling of the sea And as we sail along I never fail to be astounded by The things we`ll do for promises And a song We are the innocent We are the damned We were caught in the middle ...

Gathering, The

  • A Passage To Desire

    I feel like I am hurt
    Can`t you see
    I try to express
    But I act like you`re a stranger to me
    I want to share, but don`t know how
    My eyes can`t speak
    And my mouth won`t write it down

    And there`s so ...

Pet Shop Boys

  • A Different Point Of View

    When I`m sitting so close to you There`s only one thing that I wanna do But I know what you`re likely to say That I`m going about it the wrong way We can`t agree about anything Where to go or even where we`ve been And I know what ...


  • Bodies Still Drop

    featuring Aftamath, Point Blank


    Back in `87 started slanging in the hood

    Sworn to the clique, now I`m in it for good

    Me and Dope, brothas hustling all...

UGK f Keith Murray, Lord Jamar

  • Don`t Be A Menace... soundtrack

    Keith Murray, UGK and oh my Lord Jamar Intro/Chorus: Lord Jamar The east to the west Up north to the down south Live wires connect So if you swangin on thangs (Keith Murray, UGK and oh my Lord Jamar) or down to gangbang, or waitin on the train It`s ...

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