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  • Nulle Part

    Un regard Et dj je volais sur ton nuage Tellement je t`aimais Tous les soirs Je redessinais le trac d`un voyage Qu`on a jamais fait Quand j`ai compris que tu tais ailleurs Moi je suis partie Nulle part Il neigeait de la poudre bla...


  • Black Book

    Hey baby I`ve been thinking about us `Cause lately seems like Something`s on your mind But darlin` in me you can trust Sometimes the words are hard to find But I got to tell you I saw you with another Not just any man but he was m...

Red House Painters

  • Another Song For A Blue Guitar

    she comes apart at the seams cause she never dreams as she lays up awake cause her feelings ache and the one thing she found as she gazed at the sea was that she lost her faith her faith in me and in the early morning i can`t ma...

Eye 90

  • The Way

    What can I say to her to make her change her mind. She`d end it all over the wall and have one famous last line.


  • Back From The Dead


    Fall, white light fell.
    You fear, the point death sent.
    Rise the dead`s awake.

    You, you like to find me in what`s right.
    Like to dream me in hell, dying.
    We`re back, we`re back and for onc...

Vanilla Ice

  • ... Forever

    (performed by dnew featuring temple) It seemed so nice From the start Our hearts could not be torn apart Wed be together But only diamonds last forever Jealous was my lover Told me that there was no other Music and l...

Dead Mushroom

  • Child

    All the way Like a storm on a mountain high So I hope and I pray That my soul can fly Now the time has come for me to rise No way I`m gonna walk off that live You see what I can`t see You hear what I can`t hear You hide but I know...


  • A Murder Of Memories

    (Spoken) That`s him in the corner of social oblivion Encompassed by the sweet sense of freedom That only borders the aura of deep cerebral gouges Buried in each beat of the heart he was once proud to home If only his substance hel...


  • All I Can Be

    Mama, what can I say I think of your last words every waking day Mama, what can I do I`ve should have listened to you and gone back to school It`s a feeling of mixed emotion Looking around not knowing anyone Am I happy or am I sad...

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