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Bobby Valentino

  • Slow down

    I saw you walking Down on Melrose You looked like an angel Straight out of heaven, girl I was blown away by Your sexiness All I have to do is catch up to you Slow down I just wanna get to know you But don’t turn around Cuz that pretty round t...

La Frontera

  • Aventuras Del Capitn Achab

    No necesito presentacin muchos me conocen ya El viento es mi aliado y mi alma est en el mar Soy el Capitn Achab Es toda mi tripulacin cien barriles de buen ron Siguiendo el rumbo de la Estrella Polar Soy el Capitn Achab Chirra el ...

Ross Diana

  • Blame It On The Sun

    By: Stevie Wonder & Syreeta Wright Where has my love gone? How can I go on? It seems, dear love has gone away. Where is my spirit? I`m nowhere near it. Oh yes, my love has gone astray.


  • Белая вьюга

    Грустно, а ты теперь не жалуйся Холодно - так огнем побалуйся Если любовь была не радостна Ты уходи, иди, пожалуйста Если рассвет за ночкой прячется Если душа от скуки плачется Значит любовь была неверной Верно говорят А нас кружила белая-белая вьюга ...

Carole King

  • (Love Is Like A) Boomerang

    (LOVE IS LIKE A) BOOMERANG by Carole King If you want to give your heart Don`t be afraid to try Love is like a boomerang It comes right back to you YOu`ve got a need for company Someone you know will be there Don`t let your brui...

Motherґs finest

  • Baby love

    There is no other to compare with you
    Youґve got me, darling, giving all heart that I have in you
    You show me feelings that Iґd never find
    But those feelings ainґt complete when youґre not here all the time

    Oh baby...

Pretty Willie

  • 4 walls

    [Verse 1] Let me start by sayin this love is no fantasy I`m just here to fulfill all your fantasies tonight, what ever it takes to turn you on (and don`t worry) You here with me (take advantage) com closer please (watch me get manish) How could somethi...

Yoko Ono

  • A Kiss is Just a Kiss

    You must remember this, A kiss is just a kiss A fly is just a fly Right, and were together A rose is a rose.


Zucchero and Luciano Pavarotti

  • Miserere

    Miserere, miserere Miserere, misero me Pero` brindo alla vita! Ma che mistero,e`la mia vita Che mistero Sono un peccatore dell`anno ottantamila Un menzognero! Ma dove sono e cosa faccio Come vivo? Vivo nell`anima del mondo Perso ...

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