Sweet Sweetheart — текст песни (Carole King)

by Gerry Goffin & Carole King

You`re a sweet sweetheart
You`ve been a real good friend
You`re around when I`m down
to pick me up again
Tho` it could never been said
To my faults you`re blind
You overlook the bad and
you keep all the good in mind

Now there have been times
When we couldn`t get on
And tho`t I`d have to admit
the feeling was gone
But you just closed your mind
to all the seeds of doubt
And somehow you found a way
to make it all work out


Now when you come home
at the close of the day
You gotta a way of lookin`
that sends message my way
What this message means
Any old fool could see
And the thing that make me feel so well
is you meant it just for me


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