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  • Hand On Your Heart

    Is this too good to be true Will I always be afraid of losing you I`ve seen love slip through fingers like sand So before I put my heart in your hands Put your hand on your heart Make a promise to love from the start (love from t...

Николай Бурлак

  • Баллада о прыщике

    Дождь и сонаты Тоскливо и зябко на-на на-на И не успел опять купить цветов на-на на-на И не погладил штаны ну и ладно на-на на-на Ходить ведь можно совсем без штанов Еще день мы с тобой Поспал бы лучше Уснуть и снов не видеть о тебе И не болеть больно...

Luther Vandross

  • A House Is Not A Home

    Doo doo doo doo doo
    Doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo
    Doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo

    A chair is still a chair, even when there`s no one sittin` there
    But a chair is no...

Neil Young

  • (When You`re On) The Losing End

    I went into town to see you
    but you were not home.
    So I talked to some old friends
    for a while
    before I wandered off alone.

    It`s so hard for me now
    But I`ll make it somehow,

Puff Daddy Ft. Carl Thomas

  • If I Should Die Tonight

    Sometimes I think about dyin
    Unfortunately, I`m seein a lot of death in my life
    I seen a lot of friends die
    I seen a lot of family members die
    If, I, should, diiiiie tonight
    When I...

Unknown Prophets

  • 4 the Kids

    [Big Jess talking] Yeah, this one right here...this for the kids...this is for all kids... city kids, suburban kids, rich kids, poor kids, messy kids, clean kids It don`t matter; man the kids is our future, people need to start waking up...

Masta Ase f Brand New Heavies

  • Wake Me When I`m Dead

    Oh, what a night, yo, that I just been through I barely made it home from this hip-hop venue These 2 guys, no 3 guys, no fourth, yo, this posse Try to fake a move and bumrush me like a Nazi Underground club where the kids are like rolling I almost got ...

Subsonica feat. Veronika

  • Livido Amniotico

    Sono soltantoparole per me, che la distanza ora complica io vorrei tanto capirne di piщ, vorrei che non pensassi al male che perso nel sonno piщ chiuso che c`и,lascia soltanto unimpronta nell`aria oltre a un respiro d`amaro per noi, ci resta solo il di...

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