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  • Love Is True

    Love is true when I am with you never a word to say never a word to leave. My whole world is blue when I am not with you. I love you with all of my heart. My love for you is the whole, wide world.

Ирина Просвирякова

  • О посторонних

    Ирина Просвирякова

    Кому-то прощенье, кому-то обида,

    Кому-то сомнения спать не дают,

    А кто-то за соснами леса не видит,

    Кого-то жалеют, кого-то клянут,

    Кого-то вс...

Кирилл Агельменев

  • Песня сменного сантехника

    Кирилл Агельменев

    Мне кричат: экономайзеры

    Погорели, прямо начисто!

    Мне послать бы их по адресу

    Иль работать что ли начать мне?

    Упрекают меня мастера,

Третьяков Виктор


    Я по любви поминки справил,

    Я, как свеча, по капле таю.

    И вот опять, без лётных правил,

Bruce Springsteen

  • 30 Days Out

    We fell in love and I made you the world I spent all my time tryin` to satisfy you, girl Just one thing that I can`t figure out [?] Closer I get, farther baby I am out [?] 30 days, 30 days out Well I`m six days runnin` but I`m 30...

Come On Down

  • TLC

    Ooohh yeah yeah yeah
    If you need a little tenderness
    Can`t find it nowhere else
    If you want a little something sweet
    You just come to me
    If you`re hungry for some love at night
    I`ll fix you up just right

Kevin Sharp

  • Her Heart Is Only Human

    (Kim Williams/Steve Dorff/Kent Blazy) She`s one in a million, I`ve heard that a million times The odds were less that even she`d be mine How many times does a dream come true, come into your life? I can`t believe the way she make...


  • Amazing World

    When I woke up on Saturday morning, I didn`t want to open my eyes. I didn`t want to leave my pillow. I didn`t need to see a sunny sky.

Big Punisher f Donell Jones

  • It`s So Hard

    [Big Punisher] You can catch me in the cherry red one-fifty Got the grizzy locked in the stizzy Pop the clizzy goin sixty down a one-wizzy Drunk pissy, tryin to cruise through the avenue While my peoples is poppin bottles up in ?Sue`s rendevous? Fuck t...

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