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WC f E-40, Too $hort

  • Keep Hustlin`

    [WC] Ooh-OOOOOHHHHHH! [E-40] BEYOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTCH! Huh-ha, hah! [WC] Dub Cya, nya! [E-40] Uhhhh, hah! [WC] Fonzarelli, what`s crackin loc? [E-40] Whassupish weebelations? [WC] $hort Dawg, we all hogs [TS] Ain`t nuttin nigga, it`s that pimp shit bwo...

Cryptic Slaughter

  • Black and White

    Violence throughout the land Racial groups, they plan attack I`m tired of white man`s crimes It looks to be for good this time Brother and brother They kill one another Without a real cause Fight for what`s fair For what`s really...

Bob Seger and The Silver Bullet Band

  • American Storm

    Headin` out on some uncharted path You soon turn back It happens time and time again You never seem to reach the end Someone`s out there on the street tonight When things go wrong He`ll guarantee to make them right If the price is...

Travis Tritt

  • A Hundred Years From Now

    When you left I nearly lost my mind.
    And I tried to drown my sorrows,
    Every night, in warm red wine.
    My old heart broke to pieces,
    But i`ll get by somehow.
    Cause I won`t care,
    Lord a hundred years from now.

Bob Seger

  • 16 Shells from a 3006

    Words and music by tom waits Plugged 16 shells from a thirty-aught-six And the black crow flew through A hole in the sky And I spent all my buttons on an old pack mule And I made me a ladder ftom a pawn shop marimba And I ...

Dreaming Toy

  • Alright

    On a friday you went away you left me alone I couldnt make you to stay You said that youll never forget me but Im sure you will do soon But Ill never feel the way Im doing now - cause you raped my mind What about our dream we we...

Wu-Syndicate f Napoleon

  • Ice Age

    [Intro: Myalansky, (Joe Mafia)] Yo, son gimme some play on this release of Slot Time, son (Aight, son, it`s all Wu) Gimme some play, man, it`s cold world right now (It`s real out here man, word up) Wu-Syndicate Icy, (ice, ice, ice It`s fridget out here...

Dreams Of Damnation

  • Blood To Free A Soul

    [Music: Durkin/ Lyrics: Durkin/Silva] Run my child, your soul is freed tonight, hurt no more your soul is free Blood`s been spilled to give your spirit flight, to a realm eyes cannot see Souls scream out in rage, they`re trapped...

Cryptic Wintermoon

  • Beyond the night

    But see, beyond the darkness there is light I leave the shadow portals behind, they`re soon so far away Arrive, where they call my name, is this reality This place, it seems so intimate, have I been here before Visions of my jour...

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