Comin Home — текст песни (Bob Seger)

Words and music by bob seger

Passed the old church on the edge of town

Trailways bus was right on time

Passed your uncles store on main street

His old truck was parked outside

Everything seemed so much larger then

This old town has hardly grown

Has it really been ten long years

Now youre finally comin home

Comin home

Youve been gone so very long

Comin home

Youll just say youre comin home

You left your hometown for the city lights

You were young and you were strong

Lots of traffic lots of sleepless nights

Lots of dreams that all went wrong

Youll just tell them what they want to hear

How you took the place by storm

You wont tell them how you lost it all

Youll just say youre comin home

Comin home

You grew tired of being alone

Comin home

Youll just say youre comin home

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