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Grave digger

  • Avalon

    The story of Arthur`s final resting place, the journey to the Fairy
    Island, the sword of Excalibur, which Percival bequeathed to the Lady
    of the Lake.

Flesh-N-Bone f Layzie Bone

  • Northcoast

    * send corrections to this typist Chorus: Cleveland, city where tha St. Clair Thug chill Come and kick it wit an Clair playa [Flesh-N-Bone] Everybody when I said it stay off tha hook now Cleveland, C town, nigga that we put em on tha map Them take yo...

Jay-Z f Jermaine Dupri

  • Money Ain`t a Thang

    Uh uh So So Def Yeah, yeah Chorus: Jermaine Dupri and Jay-Z [Jermaine Dupri] In the Ferrari or Jaguar, switchin four lanes With the top down screamin out, money ain`t a thang [Jay-Z] Bubble hard in the double R flashin the rings With the window crack...

Lil Wayne f Baby, Cristale, Tateeze

  • Get That Dough

    Biotch, Biotch [Chorus - Baby (Cristale)] (Get that dough) Look wipe a bitch down, let`s dribble on a hoe, C`mon (Get that dough) Let`s pop a few bottles, smoke a lil dro (Get that dough) Look wipe a bitch down, let`s dribble on a hoe, Wooo (Get that ...

Embrace (UK)

  • Blind

    Next time around I`m gonna open my eyes,
    I`ve been Blind Blind
    You`ve gone too far
    You`ve been murder right from the start
    You said we`d never be crowbarred apart
    It`s time I showed you how wrong you ...

Flip f Ras Kass

  • Ain`t Nothin` Nice

    Intro: Nigga get yo hand outta my pocket nigga. Get yo hand outta my pocket. Hook: It ain`t nothin` nice (x8) Ras Kass: Son I`m skimming through the Billboard Top R&B album Wondering what my outcome Want the black triangle but I`m real with or withou...


  • divide me intro

    Kalai- Divide Me Intro: e|--8--8-x---6--6-x---4--4-x--6--666-x| B|-9---9-x--8---8-x--4---4-x-4--------| G|------------------------------------| D|------------------------------------| A|------------------------------------| E|------------------------...

Pharcyde f Diana Brooks

  • Evolution

    [Slimkid3] Yo..inhale, exhale Been a long time coming, still a long way to go Evolution of manhood Evolution, revolution [Slimkid3] Born with sight but became sightless Rehabilitated visions from being frightened In the dark, just bits of light when L...

Field Mob f Slimm Calhoun

  • Nothing 2 Lose

    [Chorus] I`m ready to flee to a better place Go West, South, and East, whatever the way Let`s make a move, hurry up lets go now You got to believe we can get away I`m tired of doin what the devils say We got nothin to lose, take my hand lemme help ya I...

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