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Elio E Le Storie Tese

  • Born To Be Abramo

    (Rocco con voce da seminarista Abruzzese:) Allora ragazzi ricordo che per la castagnata in Val Pilzetta le iscrizioni si portano a Don Igidio giu` in parrocchia. E ricordo ai soliti furbini che niente messa niente castagnata.

Дмитрий Быковицкий

  • Видение

    Дмитрий Быковицкий

    Несравнимое творенье -

    Золотой фрегат спасенья

    По петровскому веленью

    Отражается Невой.

    Величавый и открытый,

    И державой не забыты...


  • A Game We Shouldnt Play

    (m&l - deris) Do you believe in fate or chances Design or coincidences Would you say that all the people Live their life for good and evil Some have reached the end of patience Start to play with gods creation They kn...


  • Droga Daсina

    si cada vez que me hablas me mientes
    Solo lastimas mi alme y mi mente si quieres mi orgullo porque
    un beso tuyo, me hace perder la razon

    No se,
    no se porque no eh podido olvidarte
    y cada vez ...

Lighthouse Family

  • (I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be)

    I wish I knew how it would feel to be free I wish I could break all the chains holding me I wish I could say all the things that I should say Say `em loud say `em clear For the whole wide world to hear I wish I could share All ...


  • Kick This One

    Now kick this one here for me and my city [Verse 1] Now I was rocking this party in the hundreds wilding You know where them killaz get right and rock a party From Friday to Saturday night Fifth of remy I`m scum and still hold the mic I tried to put i...

Master P f Black, C-Los, Pop, Tank

  • Shake What Ya Got

    [Master P] Hey ma {*repeat 3X*} Hey ma, you want a lil` or a lot [Chorus: Master P - repeat 2X] Shake it for me shorty, work what you got I ain`t gon` stop `til I hit that spot Front to the back to the bottom to the top I ain`t gon` stop `til I hit th...

Bomfunk MC`s f Mr. B from Bu Bu Man

  • Fashion, Styley

    Well what you know about the people that originally seasonally replaced us Bomfunk can mash it up, and Mr. B coming up live and direct Leave mercy, ay, uh [Mr.

Bilal f Jadakiss

  • 1st Born Second

    * send corrections to the typist [Bilal] La da da di.. la da da di.. Hey... livin in the fast lane Drivin fast `broads` With them fast `chains` When you pimpin through life See some people get caught up And some charges brought up With some people th...

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