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Beautiful South, The

  • From under the covers

    It`s 6.00am and even Big Ben
    Is trying to get his head down for a kip
    But no sooner is it down
    And then it`s on with dressing gown
    For this city very rarely loses grip

    But I have a friend who`s never up by 10...

Cover Girls

  • Because Of You

    I used to walk home all alone It used to be so sad I used to be all by myself It used to be so bad Until you You came along And took me by the hand Until you You came along And said that you would be my man Chorus: Now...


  • Karl der Käfer

    Tief im Wald, zwischen Moos & Farn,
    Da lebte der Kaefer mit Namen Karl.

    Sein Leben wurde jaeh gestoert,
    Als er ein dumpfes Grollen hoert:
    Laermende Maschinen ueberrollen den Wald,
    Uebertoenen den Gesang der V...

Vanessa Amorosi

  • Bitter Twist

    how was your mother with the news? did she really like me? i know that i ainВґt the nicest girl but tell her iВґm trying pre-chorus: iВґm trying to clean up the house that i live in and iВґm trying to pay off all the debts i made...

Dusty Springfield

  • A House Is Not A Home

    A chair is still a chair Even though there`s no-one sitting there But a chair is not a house And a house is not a home When there`s no-one there to hold you tight And no-one there you can kiss goodnight A room is still a room E...

Comsat Angels

  • I`m Falling

    I never thought this could happen I never thought I could feel this way Until this strange reaction today You give me a strange sensation In a place that has no name Something tells me I`ll never feel the same Now it`s all changed...

Sonny James

  • Big Hurts Came From Little White Lies

    Mighty oaks from little acorns grow tall plants come from tiny seeds you sow Low hills turn into mountains don`t you realize big hurts came from little white lies Tornados once were soft gentle winds fire is just a warm flame when...


  • Burden Of Freedom

    What you want, what you get It`s not a lot for the money you spent How am I gonna buy Ain`t got no money for the rent Poverty is burdening It`s not when you`re rolling in green Humour me, don`t bother me oh please I feel, I see, I...

The Softies

  • C.K.M.

    too many kites and our strings got crossed you touched my hand and my heart got lost if you`ve been watching the things I do you might have noticed that I loved you but as it happened you never knew I hid pictures of you in my roo...

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