A Passage To Desire — текст песни (The Gathering)

I feel like I am hurt
Can`t you see
I try to express
But I act like you`re a stranger to me
I want to share, but don`t know how
My eyes can`t speak
And my mouth won`t write it down

And there`s so much confusion
as I want to clear it up
Cause when I start, suddenly,
the end has begun
Maybe if I touch, you will feel
what I mean but you`re acting strange

Cause my eyes look differently
Caught by death, I do not hope
that my release is decided long ago

I try to get out
To jump at once in a place
Where it`s all right or wrong
and I won`t be afraid
I open myself for you
and all those others
Who cared when times were rough for me

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