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  • A Perfect Vision Of The Rising Northland

    Winter of the ages so dark so cold that flames turn to the bluest frost
    Mountains of ice rises above an dead an frozen ground
    The ravens returns to the hills
    And the Millennium black bells of eternal frost
    Chaime through ...

Magdalene Michel-Soth

  • Schornsteinfeger

    When we`re laying in bed
    And we`re laying in love
    You and the blackness
    Fit me like a velvet glove
    That`s why I go crazy
    When you flick on your lamp
    I`m dreaming
    Hang on to the night
    Hang on to the...

Whoopi Goldberg

  • Ain`t No Mountain High Enough

    Now if you need me
    Call me
    No matter where you are
    No matter how far
    Don`t worry baby
    Just call out my name
    I`ll be there in a hurry
    You don`t have to worry

    `Cause baby, there ain`t no mount...

DJ Clue f DMX

  • It`s On

    Ugh Dmx Clueminati Is y`all motherfuckers ready for the Ruff Ride! Grrrrr! (1st Verse) When I speak I`m understood, my decision is wood I see what I`m able to see, (ugh) cuz my vision is good It`s like I see through the eyes of a wise old man So I c...


  • Bleed in Breathe Out

    And they see inside. And they barely breathe. And the sun will rise. And they`ll come to see. And they seem to show. Would you rather leave? With your sould beside.

Bavu Blakes

  • Bah-Voo

    I ain`t tryin` to be the dude with all the flow and none of the loot All love but no laughter after I recoup It`s all about balance and I bring that with my sound Though it ain`t no more than one or two rap stars from my town Wanna make great records w...

Daz Dillinger and Usher

  • U Make Me Wanna (Remix)

    [Daz] *screamin in the backgroung* And the party don`t stop [Usher] - repeat 5X Tell me what you gone do What you gone do what you gone do [Daz Dillinger] I met her back in high school, used to dig out her homies She never snitched on me cuz baby was...

Mya f Jadakiss (The L.O.X.)

  • Fear of Flying

    [Jadakiss](Mya) Uh, huh I don`t wanna get the best of you, ha-ha (whoa) Yo, yo [Mya](Jadakiss) You put me on I can`t let, (nah, yeah) let him go no (I just wanna do what`s best for you) Can`t let you get, oh no (Yo, yo) He has a little game that he p...

Big Noyd f PMD

  • Going Right at `Em

    [Noyd] I`m coming right at `em, dun. Come on! You see these monkey-see-monkey-do`s only holding 22`s They`re bucking nothing, letting nothing die You see I roll for dolo, I don`t need a crew I pack up by the gun or two Believe me and I`m letting stuf...


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