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Plastic Bertrand

  • Ca Plane Pour Moi

    mon chat Splash gite sur mon lit a bouffe
    Sa langue en buvant trop mon whysky
    Quand a moi peu dormi
    J`ai du dormir dans la goutiere
    Oil j`ai un flash

Z-Ro f Lil` Boss, Trae (ABN)

  • Don`t Wanna Hurt Nobody

    [Z-Ro] You already know who it is nigga, King of Da Ghetto It`s a new day and time, but shit It ain`t all good but shit it ain`t all bad no mo` either doe Y`knahmsayin? I`m tryin to keep it civilized But motherfuckers keep FUCKIN with me doe mayne In...

Warren G f Bad Ass, Mr. Malik, Perfec

  • What We Go Through

    (Whats up Warren G?) Whats happenin? I`m just chillin, you know Checkin my game you dig, you know Trippin off these fools around the situation, you know its like that [Mr.

Brutal Truth

  • AntiHomophobe

    Ignorant in thought. Distorts your twisted values. Break your ancient chains. And part with the ways of the past. You don=B9t have the right. To force you own opinion. You don=B9t understand. So you have to lash out.


  • Disease Called Man

    The beginning, disorder of the earth, deadly disease called man Epidemic of our inheritance, monstrosity, mankind Start of the end, death by capacity, like a virus, killing Humanity living in consequence, parasitic leeches And no...

W.C. f Christ Bearer, E-40, P. Dot, The

  • When the Guns Come Out

    [Chorus: P. Dot] When them guns goes off, we be ready for war When them guns goes off, bitches hit the floor When them guns goes off, and them sirens roar Better get that money, and be out the door [W.C.] Racket, racket, comin` out of the back end Dea...

Sandy Marton

  • Camel by Camel

    Sitting by the palmtress in the last oasis

    Visions into my fantasy full of mystery.
    Dune after dune in the ocean of yellow sand

    Wind is blowing silently in the Sahara Land.
    Camel by camel
    camel by came...

Sandy Stewart

  • Get My Way

    Except your love, Is there anything to leave behind Yeah, you make you love Better than you`re making up your mind And you give me all your reasons why Why I can`t convince you to stay I`m so in love with you So in love with you I...

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