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Capaldi Jim

  • I`ll Always Be Your Fool

    I trusted you for a long time But You were out there running round I didn`t know until this moment That I was just another clown Everybody said you were deceiving me The truth is plain for all to see But I just went right on belie...


  • Cozy

    cozy is a woman now, but she wants to be a girl again she don`t care for all the people who tell her, she should be the way that they think it is she don`t see them, she got better things to do with her eyes and no, she don`t ev...

Capdevielle Jean-patrick

  • Quand T`es Dans Le Dsert

    Paroles et musique : Jean-Patrick Capdevielle 1979 by les ditions Rideau Rouge et les ditions Allo Music 1 Moi je trane dans le dsert depuis plus de vingt-huit jours Et dj quelques mirages me disent de faire demi-tour La fe des n...

Игорь Акимов

  • Беспрерывная прерывность

    Музыка Игоря Акимова

    Стихи Александра Райкова

    Не в рыхлых облаках творожных,

    Здесь, на Земле, тебе тревожно,

    Когда прочерчиваешь грань,

    Где готика кардиограмм,

Bob Dylan

  • 2 X 2

    One by one, they followed the sun, One by one, until there were none. Two by two, to their lovers they flew, Two by two, into the foggy dew.


  • Yellow River

    Am I asleep
    Or am I fast
    You every race
    You first, you last
    Roads girdle the globe
    We all safe in your concrete robe
    Hail mother motor
    Hail piston rotor
    Hail wheel
    Roads girdle the globe

E A Ski

  • Blast If I Have To

    It ain`t the niggas that act hard
    it`s the niggas that be like quiet like
    It`s the ones that put the slugs in your ass
    and tell your ass goodnight
    So get that nigga a marble coffin
    Cos I ain`t that nigga t` FUC...


  • Dove (I`ll Be Loving You)

    Why can he give her his love
    no more, again
    Tears on her face and the dove
    she cries, she knows
    She want be able to fly
    away from him
    she look her red roses in spring
    now she want be able to sing ...

Yo Yo

  • A Few Good Men

    [ VERSE 1 ] Shit is gettin hectic now, can you feel it? Los Angeles done got so scandalous It might be a nice visit But you wouldn`t wanna live here Cause some be so hungry They at each other`s throat, just for a c-note And wouldn`t give a fuck if it w...

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