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Freundeskreis Feat Udo Lindenberg

  • Nebelschwadenbilder

    FK: stell dir vor es gibt kein asyl weil keingrund zu fliehn du siehst cnn und sie berichten mumias free hast kein stress mit den bullen weil du dein buddah liebst und in yugo ist schluß mit dem bürgerkriegstell dir vor...

Freundeskreis Und Mellowbag (

  • Tabula Rasa

    Watch me appear on the field, my mission is to chillI`n`I think `bout the vibes and not about the dollar billI been busy on my rhymes, put some on a layawaywhat makes me happy like caribbean carneval on labour dayI love my mama, t...


  • All Apologies

    Yeah yeah, FK Squad Mit meinem Mann Skou aka The Ambassador Für 1999 Und wir haben viel Liebe zu geben Check it out now Yo cool drop the verse There comes a time in your life you`ve got to go against the odds Take pause try ...

Busta Rhymes f Flipmode Squad, Kelis

  • Dr. Dolittle 2 Soundtrack

    [Busta Rhymes] Yeah, yeah, yeah Flipmode Yeah, yeah, yeah Flipmode Yeah, yeah, yeah Flipmode Yeah, yeah, yeah Flipmode Yeah, yeah, yeah Flipmode Keep it goin c`mon Keep it goin c`mon Keep it goin c`mon Part 2, Ha! [Spliff Star] Yeah, Let me show you w...


  • Better Than That

    Once you recognize the truth tell me what do you do? It`s inside of me and its inside of you, Addicted to the sickness its an actual fact, All I know is I hope we`re better than that.

Анастасия Кочеткова

  • Как жаль

    Жаль что еще вспомню я не раз,
    Как несет зима из любимых глаз
    В бедное сердце осколки льда
    Ведь моя любовь,не твоя беда.
    Небо укроет мой путь во тьме
    Разорвется нить от тебя ко мне,
    Слезы в душе,на щеке вода

Игорь Шкрабатовский

  • Божья коровка

    Игорь Шкрабатовский

    G C D7

    Это так приятно, доложу вам, братцы,

    G C D7

    В речке ис...


  • A Winters Night

    Snow has fallen in deep After midnight you leave Drunken of purple wine Dark sounding district of men Tears of pain Crash my face Trapped to die in this hell Death release me Lust of death Hallowed before A red wolf killing an a...

Frey Glenn

  • A Walk In The Dark

    It`s long after midnight and the city sleeps We`re driving alone through the park Somehow I just don`t feel like going home Let`s take a walk in the dark Don`t be afraid of what you can`t see Follow the road in your heart Don`t be...

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