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Dirty Rotten Imbeciles

  • A Coffin

    (Lyrics by Brecht)

    A coffin is ugly
    A coffin is sad
    Destined to be
    One`s last pad

    To lay in as a corpse
    For the rest of your life
    In another coffin, of course
    Next to you is your wife...

R. Kelly f General

  • Like a Real Freak

    [R.Kelly talking] Yeah, you know 2000, TP, c`mon, uh, uh c`mon, yeah, c`mon Rock Land baby C`mon this is how we do it Money, cash, cars, clothes (2x) Boys and girls this is how we play (2x) c`mon [R.

The Arsonists

  • As the World Burns

    [talking] Rock Steady was a B-boy crew, but to me it`s all about hip hop, So, rock steady is a hip hop crew now.

Raekwon f Ice Water Inc.

  • Robbery

    [Intro: Polite (P.C.)] {*whispering*} Eh yo.. eh yo. {*speaking normally*} Ice Water (yeah yeah) Don`t get it twisted We`ll shoot yo` ass, nigga Haha (P.C., nigga, P.C.) Y`all mothafuckas got about fifteen seconds to live [Stumic] Yo it`s a new year, ...

Henry Rollins

  • 1000 Times Blind

    1000 times blind, see me fallin see me hit the floor 1000 times blind, see me fallin see me lose my mind Dont touch me youll touch yourself Dont find me youll lose yourself Dont love me youll hate yourself Dont hold me youl...

Lords Of The Underground (L.O.T.U.G.)

  • What I`m After

    That`s what i`m after tell me what i`m after (I`m after the gold then after that the platnium -----> Redman (Repeat 4x) (Mr.Funky) Once again it`s the real ill microphone enhancer smoking mc`s till i`m down from blunt enter the mase is in my hand but...

Three 6 Mafia f Juicy J

  • Fuck Dat Shit

    (Chorus) Fuck that shit Fuck that shit Fuck that shit Fuck that shit Fuck that shit (Juicy J) Fuck that shit Fuck that shit Slap a punk bitch Slap a punk bitch And raise hell like a mother Make you call the punks And when your finish other punks...


  • Drowning In Torment

    [Lyrics: Tony Portaro/Joe Cangelosi, Music: Tony Portaro] What is seen Through the eyes of the crippled mind No wasted time No wasted line Unforseen death What a seen When the terror of the mind Is craving evil lines Confusion t...

Валерий Ременюк

  • Амплитуда

    Валерий Ременюк


    Куда-то в отдаленное когда-то

    Мы все идем откуда-то оттуда,

    И разъясняем разным ренегатам,

    Что г...

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