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U.G.K. f C-Note

  • Holdin` Na

    [Verse One: Pimp C] Going down,say bitch, tell me what you think about me? I keep a bad yellow hammer bitch cooking G`s And I got a candy `84 on 3`s And I keep these R&B bitches on they knees I pimp so hard I was fucking up the game Nigga, you`re a lam...

Johnny Philko

  • HindSight`s 20/20

    Copyright Kinkead 2002 Did you ever wish that you never knew all the things now that you do Say that ignorance has it`s own bliss Do you understand One word of this One word of this Chorus: HindSight`s 20/20 They said I`d b...


  • Asleep

    Last night I slept with dirty feet Not thinking I`ll be in Paris or London In my sleep, oh in my sleep I went to Hollywood In my peejays Last night I slept with dirty hands Not thinking I`ll be singing in a reggae band Stoned rast...


  • 4 Better Or 4 Worse

    Uhh, do you take, Rhymealinda
    Do you love me Tre, do you really love me?
    To be your lawfully, wedded, wife?

    Uhhh, uhhhhh, I do, I do, no I don`t, I do

    Ah roomie zoom zim, I`m all to be wet
    to Rhym...

John Mellencamp

  • Again Tonight

    Run in circles again tonight Hump the moon again tonight Gonna wear my dancin` shoes out tonight Gonna have myself a big time again tonight CHORUS Again tonight Again tonight Again tonight Girl`s got lightning Underneath her sk...


  • 22 Years

    Written by john curulewski Lead vocals by james young, dennis deyoung Ive got a crazy little mama Lord, shes my heart and soul I dont even have to tell ya She knows how to rock and roll Well this crazy lovin mama Makin ...

Gardel Carlos

  • El Da Que Me Quieras

    Acaricia mi ensueo el suave murmullo de tu suspirar. Cmo re la vida si tus ojos negros me quieren mirar.

Jerry Cantrell

  • 31/32

    You were voted most likely to have your name go up in lights Only took a few years to see that through Now you`re most likely to end up dead alone in a hotel room 31/32 Roust the boy, smack the wife Might have one case toni...


  • 40 Oz To Freedom

    You`ve got your hair permed You`ve got your red dress on Talkin` bout how second gear was such a turn on And the fog forming on my window tells me that the morning here And you`ll be gone before too long Who taught you those new t...

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