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Михаил Шуфутинский

  • 2 свечи


    Год прошел с тех пор, как мы расстались,
    Но судьбы каприз очередной:
    И совсем случайно повстречались
    Мы с тобой в компании одной.
    И как будто не было разлуки,
    И всего, что разлучило нас.


  • A Different Beat

    Let`s not forget this place
    Let`s not neglect our race
    Let unity become
    Life on Earth be one

    So let me take your hand
    We are but grains of sand
    Born though the winds of time
    Given a special sign

Doors, The

  • A twentieth century fox

    Well, she`s fashionably lean
    And she`s fashionably late
    She`ll never wreck a scene
    She`ll never break a date
    But she`s no drag
    Just watch the way she walks

    She`s a twentieth century fox
    She`s a tw...


  • B.K. Style

    Yea, Its bout to get real hard for these niggas to move man Somebody get these niggas some wheelchairs or somethin Goin to war is still a scary issue But in my hood they train to kill wit every pistol Like they military issue Guess you a star if you s...


  • Am I Ever Gonna Find It

    silence is golden but I think it`s gonna kill me now everything I`ve seen never seems to feel me now no one told me that the world could fall through yeah in between this am I gonna find a way to defeat this living inside yester...


  • Dreams For Ingrates

    All The Limpid Lies Are Tattered, Let This Betoken A Passed Ordeal In Bereavement Of Immemorial Falsehood, Our Heinous Breed Is Revealed Every Feasibility Of Hiding Vanquished, Wheedling And Detraction Exposed As I Heaved These S...

Dilated Peoples (Evidence, DJ Babu)

  • Reservation for One

    [Evidence] Yo, accept defeat as I drop after the heat Don`t provoke, come fully equipped Daggered and Cloak So what you wanna do? I came in bumpin Jack of Spades You came in wit Two of Hearts by Stacey Q? Femine is your drumtracks, one hat no rise My ...


  • 4 Alarm Blaze

    Lil Fame: Seventy-five Raised on a strip called here brotha hill Where guns pop and cops get killed This is the place where paranoya Destroyin niggas cash cases mo try to flash they lawyers Were losin it Four fives and knives ...

Snoop Dogg and W.C.

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