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  • Das Spinnrad Ist Ein Memoirensignal

    Ich denke, ich dachte an diesen stark bezogenen Ort, seine warmen gemasteten Arme, wie ringlos die Finger umspulten die Spindel wie zahlbare Jahre sein Leben, fur Muhsal und Wasser Glashals er mal an gezamt gezahlten Flaschenpfrop...


  • take in the sun

    From: Rolf Harris [] Sent: Sunday, December 14, 1997 6:28 PM Artist: Bike Title: Take In The Sun Source: from the 1997 album Take In The Sun Lyrics/music by Andrew Brough Performed by Andrew Brough, Tristan Mason, ...

Agans Craig

  • 900 Song

    You dial one nine hundred lookin` for a fix You dial one nine hundred and get off on your kicks When you`re all alone, and you`re stranded at home And you`re sitting by the phone, after you`ve been wrecked by a cyclone Dial one ni...


  • kozeli helyeken

    Bikini : Kцzeli helyeken Em D Am Em Kцzeli helyeken, dombokon, hegyeken. C D Em D Em D Kibelezett kцbбnyбk ьre - gйben.


  • A For Arrogance

    I watch them at our gigs With an A on their backs The A stands for arrogance `coz respect they surely lackI watch them at our gigs With an e on their jacks The E stands for enemy And egocentric Dogmatic values is what they create...

Наталья Нелюбова


  • Betty Page

    She`s out slummin` for another fix, down on her knees giving last licks. She`s got senior rights, don`t show her age, her hair`s blacker than BETTY PAGE. Rubber skin so sharp it cuts, she`s the rubber lover to all the sluts.

billy dean

  • A Fall In Tennessee

    (Billy Dean/David Gates) Tennessee, Oh Tennessee Lord there`s nothing like a fall in Tennessee It was a Smokey Mountain morning, October 25 You know she left here without warning So I took a long, long drive Tried to change the s...


  • Твои шаги

    Я приду на край заката
    Ожиданием распятый
    Навсегда забуду день, что потерял
    Научу себя не слышать
    Научу себя не видеть
    Как будто в мире больше нет тебя

    Я каждый день встречаю
    На алтаре печали

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