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  • 1. Good Afternoon and Welcome to White H

    After wading through the flooded toilets To stand on the crumbling concrete steps Wind and rain beating in your face You mumble football`s favorite phrase That`s what the game`s all about That`s what the game`s all about But behin...

Peter, Sue & Marc

  • Magic Melody

    Memory Melody
    Fly away
    Tell the world we`re free.

    Tell the world
    Our hopes and dreams
    Time has come for the truth it `seems
    Let music make them understand,
    Memory Melody.

    Memory Melod...

Six Ball

  • All Mine

    There is this girl that lives on Park Avenue.
    She never has nuthin` to do.
    Strung-Out and bored
    She is mostly ignored by the red necks of the world.
    Marisa is her name.
    Thinks everyone is lame.
    But who can you...

DJ Honda f Redman

  • Dat`s My Word

    Intro: Def Squad. Comin` to you with the ultimate and the real. Straight outta the NJ. Representin` the real deal yo kickin` your ass.

Fleetwood Mac

  • A Fool No More

    Written by peter green. Yes, Ive packed up my clothes Im moving away from your door Lord, Ive packed up my clothes Said, Im moving away from your door Ive been your fool for so long Babe, I wont play that fool no more ...

Ms. Dynamite f Barrington Levy

  • Too Experienced

    [Verse One: Ms. Dynamite] He doesn`t want me around He`s got something to hide I think he wants a clown Someone to take for a ride What I keep tellin` him [Chorus] I`m too experienced to be taken for a stroll Too experienced for someone to rock `n` ro...

DJ Butter f Promatic

  • We Don`t Like U

    DJ Butter scratches a sample BIATCH [Proof talking] This is what they need to know They need to know this is some sick note shit They need to know that shit, this is also some Promatic shit ya hear me Dogmatic and Proof ya hear me, on top of that it`s...

Els Pets

  • Nria

    Nria, em mires i estic atordit, totes les coses que et voldria dir es resumeixen en un mot. Nria, carda de fred que tinc calor, sota els teus braos no hi ha lloc millor, tot era fosc i ara s claror.

DMX f Jadakiss, Styles

  • Flesh of my Flesh, Blood of my Blood

    [Jadakiss] Uhh, used to be my dogg, you was in my left titty Screamed RYDE OR DIE, I thought you would die wit me Found out you a bitch, you can`t even ryde wit me Now it`s a war, and you ain`t on the side wit me Used to be my dogg, you was in my left ...

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