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tanita tikaram

  • Amore Si

    It was a lonely summer where I have been your shelter following your footsteps will you be my first regret? Sorry if I`m foolish making myself secrets seems to come between us And we always leave them there, my child always leave ...

Cappadonna f Ghostface Killah

  • Oh Donna

    [Cappadonna] Tell Mel Shawn to come in Word, yo, one life to live It`s on your head Just like my daughters That`s my word! Polka dot Connection Shine just apostle [Ghostface] Yo, my whole body like a spoiler kid, draped in the latest hits Both hands, ...

Nelly f The Teamsters

  • Country Grammar

    Yeah Gangsta What That Gangsta Yeah That Gangsta on the tips E.I [The Teamsters] I was forced to live the crazy life Y`all niggas don`t understand what a day be like But a son know my Pop`s didn`t raise me right When Hennedy don`t pay me right No Ba...

Sticky Fingaz f Petey Pablo

  • Ghetto

    [Sticky Fingaz - talking] If your head is as big as Shamello`s If your bank is the check cashin place If you put on panty-hose instead of shavin your legs If you use grease that you used over and over again If you only go to church on Easter and holida...


  • 1 Nite Stand

    I`ve come to grips unreality, through fatality, Realized just how much happiness brings to me Fight lately doubt and worries inflicted my mind With an illness of ego, worst of it`s kind.

Aaliyah (soundtrack: Dr. Dolittle)

  • Are You That Somebody

    [Timbaland] Dirty South, can y`all really feel me East coast feel me West coast feel me (Repeat Twice) [Aaliyah - Verse 1 (Playa sings the parentheses)] Boy, I been watching you like a hawk in the sky That flies, cause you were ...


  • Dazzlement

    c`mon, fly with black stars bitches in hot cars moving in sequence under thick white clouds rebel with that cause fuck with my guitars I`m fly off the deep end drown in these sweets, man ooh, that`s hotter loaded and cocked up chroming your block up to...


  • Appetizers: One Beer

    [MF Doom] I get no kick from champagne Their alcohol doesn`t thrill me at all So tell me why shouldn`t it be true I get a kick out of brew [MF Doom] There is only one beer left Rappers screaming all in our ears like we`re deaf Tempt me Do a number on ...

Swizz Beatz f LL Cool J, Mashonda

  • Ghetto Love

    [LL Cool J] Damn I Miss You.... It`s still gone ride, it`s still gone ride Uh uh, uh uh, C`mon, uh, uh, yeah, ride, uh Damn I miss you Ooh I feel better than before We should`ve never seperated Paused or hesitated You rocked me to sleep It`s like my b...

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