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Markos Teresa

  • Ghost Janitor

    If you`re ever around the Big Kmart And you`re feeling a little insecure Don`t you worry, I`ve got a friend down there He`s the Ghost Janitor This is his story...

Marky Mark And The Funky Bunch

  • Don`t Sleep

    This is how we do it from day to day
    No doubt, representing in the realist way
    This is how it is
    Coming hot with heat
    Hardcore like that
    Motherfucker don`t sleep

    I know your feeling me
    Mic’s getti...

Marlene Ricci

  • Tonight

    I walk the crowded streets - I`m holding you Darling your face is all I see. I hear the city noise - I dance with you I feel your arms all over me.

Balasevic Djordje

  • Brakolomac

    Da se o mom ?ivotu pravi film, il` barem strip (il` barem strip). Da se o mom ?ivotu pravi strip, znam da bi bio sasvim negativan tip.

The Hollies

  • 48 Hour Parole

    I`m gettin out and steppin` in to somewhere where it`s warmer First come will be first served You`d better put in your order Been out in the cold far too long gonna set the town on fire (fire) If you`re not with me you bett...

Deine Lakeien

  • Resurrection Machine

    Bored by the day, bored by the night Bored by the day, bored by the night Hungry for dying, hungry for dying Maybe you`ve changed your mind Maybe you`ve changed after suicide Hungry for living, hungry for living So go to he...


  • A Last Lament

    Yes, it is true my life-story is one of failure Yet nothing can bring me back what was taken away For my heart is still burning with her flame I hope I can still join her, whatever the pain Why not? I was the one who forced her fr...

Marley Ziggy

  • All Love

    There`s something going on over there there`s something going on over there but there`s something going on right here, and it`s our life I see some boogie, out of their shoes some just grooving, grooving to the groove I am skankin...

Блестящие и Arash

  • Восточная любовь

    Гр. Блестящие и Arash – «Восточная любовь»

    Эй, девушка красавица,
    Ты мне улыбаешься
    Я тебя очень люблю
    Все что хочешь, подарю
    Мне подарков не дари
    Жарких слов не говори
    И в любви мн...

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