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  • Blockhead

    You work all day to earn your pay To pay off all your debts You rent your square to live in And that`s the best it gets Cubical man does what he can To keep himself alive Pays his share for his little square In order to survive ...

Crystal Castle

  • Crystal Heart Of Season

    Horresco referens In girum imus nocte et Consuminur igni Horresco referens Subi dura a rudibus Omnia vincit infernum Trapped in this world This land of fear Where the cold wind of north Tortures my skin In this crazy world Where ...

Kool G. Rap f RZA

  • Cakes

    [RZA] Yeah Shake your funky ass, bitch Yaknowmean... Yo [Kool G Rap] Yo we divide cakes to rise the stakes Me and my apes die for papes Bust heat and hide from jake Up in the skyscrape, on top of the world Back yourself against the wall, gun brawl Kid...

Misery Index

  • Birth Of Ignorance

    Innocence and prejudice Ruling perverse minds Molded by environment Hatred of all kinds Never knowing tolerance The ignorant domain Never knowing freedom Wear it like a chain Don`t you think Don`t you see Don`t you fool Don`t you ...

Crystal Eyes

  • Child Of Rock

    Music: Mikael Dahl - Lyrics: Mikael Dahl A little child has changed our world A light in the dark, a miracle Forevermore her spirit will illuminate our lives With open arms and open minds we make her one of our kind In unity w...

Ohio Express

  • Beg Borrow And Steal

    You threw me out the night before last and now you want me back in your
    arms again.
    You think I`m a fool, you treat me like dirt, you pull the string and
    hope I will be your friend.
    But I know what`s on your mind, and I`d...


  • El Tiempo Se Va II

    Estaba dormido, no pude pensar
    Que el tiempo pasa sin preguntar donde estas
    Se acaba la noche y vuelve a amanecer
    De nuevo otra vez...



  • Планета

    Ночь без неба, не знаю где я Моё сердце громко бьётся в тебя


Michael Nesmith

  • Some of Shelly`s Blues

    Tell me just one more time
    The reasons why you must leave
    Tell me once more why you`re sure
    You don`t need me
    Tell me again, but don`t think
    That you`ll convince me

    Now you`ve said
    Before falling ...

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