Delaware Taggett And The Outlaw Boys — текст песни (The Hollies)

Young girls and porches are filling out
Tempers and torches are burning
Brown is the colour of town
living in thunder

Hair on my top lip now I`m a man
I so often hear and feel it
Nice paying the price for being kept under

Mama says don`t hang around that front gate too long
Boys like you who stay too late are surely gonna go so wrong
But Mama there`s safety in numbers
It`s the first time I`ve ever felt strong
Delaware Taggett and the Outlaw Boys
Adding a laugh to the Broadway noise
Slipping your mind where your mind don`t wanna go

Off-duty porters lay sleeping wives
On-duty daughters are finding
why just touching a boy gives a thrill like a shiver

Whispers and shadows are moving fast
No prizes given to people
last drowned in the past down on the river


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