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V.I.A. Gra

  • Kill my girlfriend

    On this night with the last of the lonely Every tongue every language we only will be singing of love Will be singing of joy I will be the reward for your patience For your love, For your all desperations Like a star in the sky I will fall for you boy...


  • Free

    Omnipresent phrase in my mind Spoken word I`ve said one million times Who are you to tell me it`ll always be this way I close my eyes and I turn around And leave it all behind So free for the moment Lost somewhere between the eart...

Martino Bruno

  • Cos`hai Trovato In Lui

    Cos`hai trovato in lui di tanto bello non so Cos`hai trovato in lui di tanto bello che io non ho? Ha due mani due occhi due labbra come me come me Ma quegli occhi han rubato l`amore ch`era in te Cos`hai trovato in lui che t`ha cam...

Marton Sandy

  • People From Ibiza

    I was tripping up and down All around from town to town Meeting people of every kind Some were good or some were bad Some were happy, others sad Never know who you will find Living like a hobo Like a Spanish lobo Ibiza is still on...

Marty Robbins

  • (It Looks Like) I`m Just In Your Way

    The way that we live has no meaning We drift more apart day by day It`s so plain to see you`re not satisfied with me And it looks like I`m just in your way You seem to forget you`re not perfect You show me my faults every day But...

Chris Howland

  • Das Hab` Ich In Paris Gelernt

    Das hab` ich in Paris gelernt und zwar im Handumdreh`n. Das lernt man sonst in keiner Stadt so gut so schnell und schön. Und wenn sie noch `was lernen soll`n dann kommen sie hier her.

Denice Williams

  • Let`s Hear It for the Boy

    My baby, he don`t talk sweet He ain`t not much to say But he loves me, loves me, loves me I know that he loves me anyway And maybe he don`t dress fine But I don`t really mind `Cuz every time he pulls me near I ju...

Denis Roussos

  • Lost In Love

    (transcribed by Tish) You realize that the best part of love Is the thinnest lies It don`t count for much But I`m not letting go I believe there`s so much to believe in So lift your eyes if you feel you can Reach for a st...

Denise Lasalle

  • My Toot Toot

    Don`t mess with my Toot Toot don`t mess with my Toot Toot. I know you have another woman so don`t mess with my Toot Toot.

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