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Bobbie Gentrey

  • Ode To Billie Joe

    It was the third of June Another sleepy, dusty I was out chopping cotton And my brother was bailing hay And at dinner time we stopped and walked back to the house to eat And Mama hollered at the back door Y`all remember to wipe yo...

Starr Edwin

  • War

    What is it good for? Absolutely nothing! Uh-huh, yeah War, hoah, yeah! What is it good for? Absolutely nothing! Say it again y`all! War, hoah, good God! What is it good for? Absolutely nothing! Listen to me. War, I despise.

Starr Garrison

  • Afterall

    saw you on the tv but that`s not how i remember know that you can`t see me in there tell me about the big screen is it what you remember did you want to mean something back there you`re so beautiful you`re still so beautiful and y...

Third World

  • Come on Home

    Just come on home Just come on home When you`re feeling sad and lonely Don`t you worry, you`re never all alone Jah is your guide, your one and only Just come on home Just come on home Jah know you want to be somebody What`s th...

Bobby Bare

  • (I`m Not) a Candle in the Wind

    (Mary Sharon Rice / Bill Rice)

    `Neath your feet you feel the world is shaking
    And your dreams slowly sifting thro` your hand
    But there`s a place you`ll never be forsaken
    I`m a warm fire burning, not a candle in th...

Krayzie Bone f Thugline

  • Can`t Fuck With Us (Bonus Track)

    [Intro (Krayzie)] Oh shit! these niggas can`t ready for this shit nigga, trust me! Fuck that nigga, it`s mothafuckin K in my Leathaface (uh-huh) in this mothafucker, yeah (once again, it`s on) Represent that shit (don and dewel) [Krayzie] It`s the nig...

Pansy Division

  • A Song of Remembrance for Old Boyfriends

    This is a song of remembrance
    For our old boyfriends
    But who now live with someone else
    Well they`re part of our lives
    But now they`ve gone
    But we still see them when the world seems beautiful

    We men, w...

Mish Wlock

  • Tabes

    Gle, horde zavedenih koracaju; ruka mocnika put im pokazuje. Ko ne vidi? Ko se plasi. Nevidljivi- umom svojim mahnito barata.

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