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Nicole Wray

  • I`m Lookin

    Mmmm-mm.... said I`m lookin I`m lookin, mmmmm Yeah, yeah, yeah Ohhhh.. mmmm-hmmm I`m lookin for someone to hold onto I`m lookin for you, I`m lookin for you, I`m checkin for you I`m lookin for someone that I can trust I`m lookin f...

The Blues Brothers

  • (I Got Everything I Need) Almost

    I got everything I need, almost I got everything I need, almost But I don`t got you And you`re the thing I need the most I got a car that I bought Won`t get me far I gotta wish on a star Tell me mama I got everything I need, al...

Ernst Neger

  • Geh` Alte

    Ich saß bei uns im Beisel vis-a-vis hab tarrockiert bis drei Uhr in der Früh. Hab angschafft grad mein zwölftes Krügel Bier da steht mei Alte neben mir.

Eros Ramazzotti and Cher

  • Piu` Che Puoi

    Guarir non e` possibile la malattia di vivere sapessi com`e` vera questa cosa qui E se ti fa soffrire un po` puniscila vivendola e` l`unica maniera sorprenderla cosi`...

John Entwistle

  • Apron Strings

    Where am I gonna go? What am I gonna do? There`s no one to guide me Now that I`m on my own I make my own decisions There`s no one behind me.


  • Big Big World

    I`m a big, big girl In a Big Big world It`s not a big, big thing If you leave me But I do, do feel That I do, do will Miss you much Miss you so much I can see the first leaves falling It`s all so yellow and nice It`s so ...

Эмир Шабашвили

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Laura Branigan

  • All Night With Me

    I wish I knew what you were thinkin` Sometimes with you it`s hard to tell You lay beside me without speakin` Words are hard to find, better left behind You pull me close as if to answer The question runnin` through my head ...

Samy Deluxe

  • Positiv

    Samy Deluxe

    Oh oh
    hier ist ein positives Lied
    fШr alle positiven Leute
    yes joa

    Eigentlich sollte Musik doch etwas positives sein
    denn ich allein steck in diesen Scheiss ...

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