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Katara Singer

  • Cinta Kita

    Saat pertama jumpa dirimu malam itu Di suatu pesta kau tampak manis mempesona Di antara riang canda Kau senyum padaku Senyum wanita seribu misteri sejuta arti Di hadapanmu ku tak kuasa menutupi Semua tak kusadari Kutersipu malu In...

Sway and King Tech f Kool Keith, Motion

  • Ego Trippin 99

    [Kool Keith] They use the symbol back and forth, the same old rhythm That a baby can pick up and join right with them But their rhymes epidemic, they think they copacetic Nasty lyrics for the 99, 2000 now be housin My action live work, construction I d...

Илья Ченцов

  • Альбатрос

    Илья Ченцов

    Am E7 Am

    Вот он летит, огромный альбатрос,

    E7 Am

    Расправив крылья, обнимает небо.

    С ...

Олег Щетников, Борис Френкель

  • Осенний регтайм

    Стихи Олега Щетникова

    Музыка Бориса Френкеля

    Am7 ->Am7 D9 ->D9

    Возьми две гитары для себя и меня,



  • (As Long As They`ve Got) Cigarettes In H

    Spend your days just working and shopping Depending on how much your luck is in Spend your night-life table-hogging And trying to keep that bag-of-bones in trim I don`t mind not feeling immortal `Cos it ain`t all that as far as I can tell I don`t mind...

UltraMagnetic M.C.`s

  • Critical Beatdown

    one two, one two Ultramagnetic`s in full effect we talkin` about givin` the drummer some you know what, Kool Keith, yo, tell `em what`s on your mind KOOL KEITH: I`m ready And now it`s my turn to build Uplift, get swift, then drift Off...

corporate avenger

  • $20 Bill

    A mind full of lies is a liars mind We moved ahead and left the truth behind. They say the truth will set you free, but they don`t know their history.

DJ Quik f AMG, Hi-C

  • Birdz and Da Beez

    [DJ Quik] I don`t really give a fuck what you think I only really give a fuck what you drink I`m a bartender, car spender, a dick lender A cash spender, ass bender, I`m ass in Let`s get it crackin like a brothel in here; a whore house Got these bitches...


  • A Darkness Coming

    so near so close something bad is seen but I seem to be the only one that can see there is a darkness coming and they the others they don`t know a thing of what`s next but I`m not here to say what should be done about this I just...

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