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Everly Brothers, The

  • Bye Bye Love

    Bye bye love
    Bye bye happiness
    Hello loneliness
    I think I`m gonna cry
    Bye bye love
    Bye bye sweet caress
    Hello emptiness
    I feel like I could die
    Bye bye my love, goodbye

    There goes my b...

Herbert Grönemeyer

  • Angst

    Angst vor der Geschichte
    Angst vor sich selbst
    sich in sich zurückzuziehen
    aus Angst vor der Welt
    Angst auszubrechen
    sich zu blamiern
    sich auf`s Eis zu wagen
    Angst zu erfriern

    Angst zu ...


  • Baby I Love You Okay

    Baby I love you okay Baby bay baby I love you okay The music is playing they are laying it down And here we are grooving and moving around Once again you are by my side wish you knew how hard I triec Again and again and again and...

Lyte Funky Ones (LFO)

  • Girl on TV

    I`m wishing on a falling star
    Wondering where you are …

    I wished for you on a falling star
    Wondering where you are
    Do I ever cross your mind in the warm sunshine?
    She`s from the city of angels


  • 4 Walls

    the thoughts from my mind
    command my lips to say i hate u
    the thoughts from my mind
    commmand my hands to cut your silken
    the thoughts from my mind
    command my feet to stomp your head
    the thoughts fr...


  • Get Together

    this song was recorded by both the Indigo Girls and the Youngbloods,
    and should be put in both directories
    words and music by Chet Powers
    copyright 1
    963 Irving Music, Inc.
    Love is but...


  • Another Christmas

    un ano mas, se presenta navidad
    y cada vez, cuenta mas accepetar que
    tu nu estas es por la razon
    quete dedico esta navidad
    end that is why i dedicate to you this christmas time
    desde el cielo, loona os dйsea un feli...

Quatro Suzi

  • Cat Size

    (Quatro-Tuckey) Now I`m done playing with fools And I`ve paid all my childhood dues I find the mountain much steeper to climb Am I just one of the crowd? I decided a few days ago There`s no room.

Shawnna f Missy Elliott

  • What Can I Do

    (intro 2x) What can I do.. Cause I can`t keep from drinkin this yak And I can`t keep from smokin dem sacks Am I a fool What can I do.. Cause they be callin me all the time And I think I`m gonna lose my mind What can I do (verse 1) Damn...

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