No One`s Kind — текст песни (Staind)

What the fuck`s the purpose
I didn`t scratch the surface
Immune to what your saying
All along decaying
Can`t see thru the fire
Darkness lone desire
Quiet in my corner
Building up the border

Can`t stand the way you make me feel today
No One`s kind is all you`ll ever be

Can`t see thru the rain
Too much time
No sublime
losss of energy
No symmentry
Fuck soceity
Lost in nievate

Can`t stand they way you break me...
Can`t take the pain you break me....
Can`t bite the hand that feeds me...
Can`t take away what`s in me

Addicted to the feelings
Lose touch with all I`ve know
The cobwebs on the cieling
Make me aware that I`m all alone

The endless rain washes all away
Makes clean the mess I have made

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