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Evans Faith

  • Ain`t Nobody

    verse one: Ain`t nobody who can love me like you do Ain`t no reason that I`ll ever be untrue There`s no need for me to try I can`t find the reason why Ain`t nobody who can really love me like you do I was always the one Who needed...


  • lone angel

    Date: Thu, 24 Aug 1995 15:17:44 -0700 From: (John S. Jacob) Subject: CRD: Lone Angel by The Basics Lone Angel ------------ By The Basics (Kelly Baynham, Wade Baynham, Drew Robilio) As recorded by The Basics on _When I Close...

bass fontella

  • Rescue Me

    Words and Music by R. Miner and C. Smith c 1965 Chevis Publ. Corp, Nashville, TN, USA Rescue me, take me in your arms. Rescue me, I want your tender charms. Cause I`m lonely and I`m blue. I need you and your love too.

Mindless Faith

  • Prodigy (Distention Mix)

    I just feel like thinking today
    I don`t want to talk too much
    it`s hard to explain

    sometimes I am a machine
    sometimes I am a man
    sometimes I`m just a little wave
    of a big chaotic plan

Tom Waits

  • $29.00

    little black girl in a red dress on a hot night with a broken shoe little black girl you shoulda never left home theres probly someone thats still waitin up for you its cold back in chicago but in los angeles its worse when all yo...

Vince God

  • I Miss You


    Oh yeah?

    I don`t know

    Can`t believe it

    There`s not a day that goes by where I don`t try to forget try to move on
    Like I didn`t have any regrets
    I feel like I kept these memorie...


  • A Real Cool Time

    Strawberry chambermade in summertime I feel so fine Obnoxious things and all that stuff Are really out I`d like to know where you have gone Now that we all have such fun We got big beats we got big kiss It`s a bliss Feels like I`m...

The City Drive


    In this hotel Television`s on Sound is down And everybody`s gone Just you and me And I wish I could be Far away In another scene If only...

Shakira Mebarak

  • Inevitable

    Si es cuestion de confesar No se preparar cafe Y no entiendo de futbol Creo que alguna vez fui infiel Juego mal hasta el parques Y jamas uso reloj Y para ser mas franca nadie Peinsa en ti como lo hago yo Aunque te de lo mismo Si e...

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