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Nas w Pete Rock (uncredited chorus vocal

  • Illmatic

    It`s yours! --> T La Rock Chorus: Nas, Pete Rock [PR] Whose world is this? [Nas] The world is yours, the world is yours [PR] It`s mine, it`s mine, it`s mine Whose world is this? It`s yours! It`s mine, it`s mine, it`s mine Whose world is this? [Na...

Sunz of Man

  • Bloody Choices

    [Intro: Hell Razah]
    Sunz of... Sunz of... Sunz of Man
    Sunz of... Sunz of... Sunz of Man
    It comes down in the last days to makin Bloody Choices
    Word up yo yo yo yo yo yo yea
    Killah Priest



  • As We Look Away

    Humanity is calling do you hear the cry today does covering your ears in fear really make it go away I can`t believe we`ve come so far yet ended up as such helpless hopeless mindless victims of our own progress the truth is lying here within where I kn...

C-Bo f Big Syke

  • Raised in Hell

    Verse One: C-Bo I was born in hell without a pistol Now how can I survive with one live without a vest and 4-5? Runnin from the Task Fo` but smashin for my cash Bankin corners, hop it then I blast on their ass See them piggies want me dead for sure or...

David Bowie

  • 1984/Do Do

    Someday they won`t let you, now you must agree The times they are a-telling, and the changing isn`t free You`ve read it in the tea leaves, the tracks are on TV Beware the savage jaw Of 1984 They`ll split your pretty cranium, and ...

Real Thing

  • You To Me Are Everything

    Oh, I would take the stars out of the sky for you stop the rain from falling if you ask me to Id do anything for you, your wish is my command I could move a mountain when your hand is in my hand Oh, words can not express how ...

Cypress Hill f Eminem, Noreaga

  • Rap Superstar

    (Eminem Speaking) Most people don`t see how much work is really involved in this rap shit I didn`t know it I didn`t see it I never saw it until i was actually in it You really gotta be in it To understand what its like But you always gotta People alw...


  • Rap-A-Lot Worldwide

    Tell me who got the hot hits? Rap-A-Lot Mafia, worldwide we out to stay rich Now you can see us in the drop we party non-stop, recognize the mob, before we make your spot hot Tell me who got the hot hits? Rap-A-Lot Mafia, worldwide we mob thick Now you...

Naughty by Nature f Coffee Brown

  • Would`ve Done The Same For Me

    We`re in the time where many doors are too hard to enter in And many people really ain`t worth the mentionin Thugs, me hugs, and plus a little gentle friend Or the mentals if I wile I get antetion then Do my drama from court to case While others turn t...

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