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  • When were together

    Who knows the difference between right and wrong Do you kno the difference please telll me I cant always telll if my felling is right soo Please dont be upset by me if I leave Chorus If I leave youll find someone better If I lea...

Kardinal Offishall f Saukrates

  • Gotta Get It

    INTRO [Kardinal Offishall] It`s a Kardi Kardi party, what! What, yeah Yo this be the Kardi Kardi party, what! [Saukrates] Anybody coming through here, gotta expect The hottest, hottest, hottest hottest The hottest hottest shit for real [Kardinal Offish...

Will Smith feat. Jada

  • 1000 Kisses

    [Will] Uh Ha ha Yeah yeah yeah yeah Uh Ha ha Yo yo Uh Whoo A one two a one two [Will] I-I-I-I woke up this morning Looked at ya picture Think about when I`m a get wit`cha Hit ya on the two-way simply to say I gotta see you today They say love is a gam...

Brel Jacques

  • Le Moribond

    LE MORIBOND Goodbye to you, my trusted friend. We`ve known each other since we were nine or ten. Together we`ve climbed hills and trees, learned of love and ABC`s, skinned our hearts and skinned our knees.

Brenda Lee

  • All The Way

    If somebody loves you it`s not good unless he loves you all the way Happy to be near you when you need someone to cheer you all the way Taller than the tallest tree is that`s how it`s got to feel Deeper than the deep blue sea is t...


  • Am I Dreaming

    I close my eyes And I see your face I smell your smell And I taste your taste (I can taste your lovely taste) I feel the touch of your soft hand I hear the beating of your heart Please don`t wake me now `Cause I don`t eve...

Kasino f Jadakiss, Dinero, Mo` Money

  • Gotta Get Mine

    Intro: Whose world is this? Verse One: Kasino Mine call me Kasino Lay up in the Coconut Lounge in Montego Keep it on the hush cuz we busting something lethal Multi coastal, villas in Puerto Rico You can call me Papa, mama show me love Perrier, stay u...

On Broken Wings

  • Deep Six

    I hate the way you`re looking at me lately; it makes me want to choke that smile off your face. I DON`T SAY THIS OFTEN, BUT TONIGHT I THINK I MIGHT. This time I`m really drowning, swallowed by consuming seas.

Wu-Tang Presents Inspectah Deck f Street

  • S.O.S.

    Shoot em On Sight Sight Sight (3x) Shoot em On Sight Sight Sight [overlaps INS talking] [Inspectah Deck] Another mission, Street Life, gun talk, Sir I Don`t push me, because I`m close to the edge Livin on this thin line, I know the ledge Allegience ...

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