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  • building a better me

    song:building a better me artist:dogwood tabbed by:Corbin(} Riff A A-------1h21 E-44r442---- Riff B E44442222444422221111555511115555 Riff C A----5555----5555----4444----4444 E5555----5555----4444----4444---- Just listen to t...


  • dream warriors

    Dream Warriors Dokken Fretless Bass F||------------------|--...


  • Complications

    (Chorus 2X: Scarub) It`s all too complicated The things I want are over-rated What i`ve achieved is understated All i get is aggravated I stay dedicated in Hip hop affiliated I wreck shop that summer hated So why my mind honestly fadded (Scarub) So ha...

Black Eyed Peas f Justin Timberlake

  • My Style

    [Timbaland] Lord have mercy.. heyyy!! [Intro - BEP & Justin Timberlake] (Timbaland) Lord have mercy (Timbo) Lord have mercy (Black Eyed Peas) Lord have mercy (JT) Lord have mercy (Get stealing that!) Lord have mercy (Get stealing that!) Lord have merc...

doobie brothers

  • 8th Avenue Shuffle

    Patrick simmons Hey, hey, honey, whats on your mind Well, you said that sleepin with a poor bands not your style Aint that just a little unkind Hey, marlon brando, what would you do in a spot like this I dont play as your p...

Sway and Tech f Canibus, Chino XL, Royce

  • I Wish You Would

    [Intro] Sway and King Tech Bringin it back to basics Mic skills You know what I`m sayin 2005 Keepin it live Can-I-Bus, Chino XL, and Royce Da 5`9 [Royce Da 5`9] The cold shoulder holdin the frozen boulder of ice Chosen type to the poor polisher Just l...

London After Midnight

  • Carry On Screaming (Ruins)

    I`ve knelt at your alter I`ve cut out my heart I`ve lived in your Ruins my pain is your art my wrists are bound tight so as not to bleed my eyes were so dark so as not to see the memories of the past are fading like a bad dream ...


  • north berkeley

    Song: North Berkeley Band: Downfall Album: Can of Pork Compilation Tabbed By: Stevo ( This is a lovely little skacore tune from the ex-Operation Ivy members. Play it with a pick for that authentic Matt Freeman sound.


  • I Was Just Thinking

    I was just thinking that I have been missing you for way too long There`s something inside this weary head that wants us to love just instead But I was just thinking, merely thinking I`ve got loads of pictures I`ve got the one o...

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