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Talk Dc

  • Colored People

    Pardon me, your epidermis is showing I couldn`t help but note your shade of melanin I tip my hat to the colorful arrangement cause I see (the) beauty in the tones of our skin We gotta come together, and thank the maker of us all W...

Flaming Wheelchairs

  • Prick

    (cover of the song Prik by Out Of Tune) You`re a fucking prick You`re a fucking prick get away I think you`re gay you`re a fucking prick are you ready? to take me on? I dont think so you make me hate you it`s all your fault you`re...

Mathematics f Angela Neal, Wu-Tang Clan

  • Thank U (Da DJ`s Version) *

    * this is actually a remix of HandClap which is a bonus track on The W [Intro: Raekwon (Angela Neal)] We gon` what? *beat kicks in* Cl-ap, cl-ap nigga And snap uh, that`s a part of the game That`s the part of the game nigga that you never understood A...

Shyheim f GP Wu, K-Tez

  • Pass it Off

    Intro: Yeah!! Chorus: Pass it off I wanna flip (I got the loaded clip) Pass it off and move back (I`m reachin in my napsack) Pass it off I wanna flip (Let me show you how) Pass it off then buck for Staten Isle [Rubbabandz] My style is mad funky, gots...


  • Los Salvajes

    En la selva me perd, no encuentro ropa interior, una chica como yo, acostumbrada al comfort. Los salvajes son humanos, dicen que somos hermanos. Los salvajes se me acercan, me quieren tocar. Miro arriba, miro abajo.

Made Men f Daz Dillinger, Kurupt, Soopaf

  • Classic Limited Edition

    [Intro: Soopafly] Aw yeea, ha ha ha, yeea Just when you thought it was gonna stop we back in yo` motherfucking ass Soopafly, Made Men, Dogg Pound Gangstas D-A-Z, Tray Deee, know what I`m saying? Kurupt, what`s happening? It that real life gangsta shit ...

Talk Show

  • Behind

    (r. deleo / d. coutts) Painted numbers and sonic slumbers Fool who thinks he knows it But cant show the way he really feels Goodbye wavers and penny savers Fool who thinks he knows it But cant show the way he really feel...

Dilated Peoples f Tha Liks

  • Expansion Team

    Y`all didn`t bring no ice? (Nigga) Nobody brought no ice? (Ahh, ah-hah, aww yeah!) Yo, yo pass the beer (We drink in heavy rotation) (Yeah that`s what I`m talkin bout!) One-two, one-two (Ahh, ahh) [Ev] Dilated y`all (toast to this) [Ro] Check one - it...

Master P f Curren$y, Romeo, Silkk

  • That Ain`t Nothing

    (Intro: Silkk + Master P) Yeah You ain`t gotta go to no car lot Come and shop at the garage Nephew [That-That-That-That] I need to borrow a couple million from you [That-That ain`t nothing] You know how we do it (Chorus: Master P) That`s how he doin` ...

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