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Nas and Ruc

  • QB Finest

    Ruk: Ill Will...yeah yeah yo...Queensbridge niggas...crud love baby.. Verse 1: (Ruk) Aiyo, I zone out feelin` like I`m in Capone`s house starin` at Manhattan and The Bridge with the chrome out Ki`s on the table, black tanktop, long cable thoughts of ...

S.L.A.B. f Kyleon

  • Gotta Get It

    [Trae] They say there`s a price on my head, but it ain`t nothing Everyday I`m still on the block, gangsta struting Got a brick in the six, on the way to Luffin Trying to turn this 15-5, to something Flipped it quick, and I brought it back I got a brief...

Марина Хлебникова

  • А я нарядная

    Он был хужожник талантливый А я такою желанной Он меня боялся, мялся и стеснялся Чао, чао, чао, чао, чао Мне нужен мэн супермэнистый Чтоб не проигрывал в теннис Чтобы всё имел, чтобы всё умел Чтобы вау Не огорчайтесь, приятели Вы не напрасно потратил...

Bobby Darin

  • A Bit Of Earth

    A bit of earth
    She wants a little bit of earth
    She`ll plant some seeds
    The seeds will grow
    The flowers bloom but is their bounty what she needs?

    How can she chance to love a little bit of earth?
    Does sh...

Deep Purple

  • a 200

    (blackmore/lord/paice) Instrumental.


Goo Goo Dolls

  • (I Won`t Tell `Em Your) Name

    And even though the moment passed me by
    I still can`t turn away
    `Cause all the dreams you never thought you`d lose
    Got tossed along the way
    And letters that you never meant to send
    Get lost or thrown away


  • Fishy

    Sometimes I wonder if I`ll ever find her
    the one that god`s chosen for me
    and what if i find her but she doesn`t like me
    i guess that disproves destiny

    but I should know better
    the sea is much wetter


  • Baby Baby

    (all samples are Ol` Dirty Bastard from Wu-Tang Clan)

    C`mon c`mon baby baby
    For everybody baby c`mon, c`mon baby baby
    who`s in the house right now baby c`mon, c`mon baby baby
    Let me hear you say baby c`mon, c`m...


  • Blue Jeans

    Oh...oh...oh...oh...oh...oh... Oh...oh...oh...oh...oh...oh... Ive been checkin you And I like the way you walk Your sexy B-Boy style That confidence you flaunt So let me take a minute To introduce myself Cause you dont need to...

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