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rivard michel

  • l oubli | guitar pro tab и Mp3

    Received: from animal-farm.nevada.edu by redrock.nevada.edu (5.65c/M1.4) with SMTP id ; Fri, 5 Feb 1993 12:51:59 -0800 Received: from ireq-robot.hydro.qc.ca by animal-farm.nevada.edu id ; Fri, 5 Feb 1993 12:51:...

Arist: Cap.One f Profyle

  • Ride N` Smoke

    * send corrections directly to this typist Niggaz is bitch Uh uh uh uh show you nigga how you suppose to flip shit Fag niggaz yeah, ??? nigga Some Chi shit Top of da world Fuck Ballin, we donnin nigga Yeah, yo [Cap.One] Take a trip inside the life of...

GangStarr f Big Shug, Freddie Foxxx

  • Capture (Militia Pt. 3)

    [DJ Premier] Give a nigga pain -> Big Shug Listen to a brother who knows -> Guru Give a nigga pain -> Big Shug It`s the real...it`s the Militia [Big Shug] First name vete-, last name -ran I drop bombs hit you with the curse of ?Jevron? Broken arms, sh...

Trick Daddy f Trina

  • Exit Wounds soundtrack

    [Chorus: J.V.] We Got, Mo` hoes (mo` hoes) mo` dank (mo` dank) Mo` cheese in the bank, mo` rank My dawgs on dubs, yours aint My dawgs do whateva, yours cain`t [J.V.] That`s right (that`s right) that`s us Trina, JV, Trina, Tre+ Hit the club, s...

Александр Вольнов

  • Антителефонная сага

    Александр Вольнов

    ...Но я не знаю, как идет сигнал,

    Но я не знаю принципа связи...


    Прихожу домой усталый,

    Словно выжатый лимон,

    Но же...


  • Talento Clandestino

    Nгo deixes de acreditar, procura o teu caminho
    Na estrada do destino
    Nгo deixes de acreditar, pois tu nгo estбs sozinho
    Talento Clandestino

    Tantos cadernos preenchidos com pensamentos e ditos

Gangsta Boo f Project Pat

  • Da Carjack

    [Verse 1: Gangsta Boo] I`m a call my nigga Project Pat Dog I got them ends I need 20`s navigation 500 S Benz Real quick Can flip the script I wanna be clean nigga I wanna be seen nigga Come and make this cheese nigga I know where that nigga lay I know ...


  • The Woman Next Door

    There was never time to stop because everything was just about to start
    yeah, I didn` t realise that it could be possible.
    That In a minute I would loose my virgin heart.
    Hey hey hey.
    She was right infront of me and I was...

Ant Banks f Pooh-Man, Otis and Shug

  • Presents T.W.D.Y.

    [Otis & Shug] Guess who`s back? Guess who`s back? Guess who`s back? I just couldn`t stay away Guess who`s back? Guess who`s back? Guess who`s back? The player that`s here to stay [Ant Banks] Started out it went out to the bitches, until the game g...

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